Increasing Overall Reach on Social Media

Jun 24, 2019

Increasing your company’s overall reach on social media. Not too big of a topic, right? Just kidding, of course this is a huge topic to dive into. However, today, we’ll cover basic information on increasing overall reach on social media. Take these tips and integrate them into your social media strategy and watch your reach grow larger. For information about growing your followers specifically, watch this short video about increasing your social media following. Without further ado, let’s get into how to increase your overall reach on social media!

Increasing Overall Reach on Social Media

Build your brand’s presence across platforms.

Check through your existing social media accounts and look out for problem areas. You’ll want to be sure you have:

  • A recognizable username
  • A consistant logo/profile pic
  • Captions that include keywords (while still sounding human)
  • Links back to your own website/other social media platforms

Work smarter, not harder.

Create quality content that you are proud of and that others will want to share. Posting lots of low-quality content will not benefit your company. In fact, it might negatively affect your company’s social media reach. This is because seeing sub-par content will be a turn off for others looking at your accounts. Focus instead on creating content that is useful and relevant.

Post “evergreen” content.

Creating quality content is essential but you also will benefit from creating long-lasting content. You can solve problems in your industry, educate your readers, and/or answer common questions. Content that doesn’t expire is content that will generate views and clicks across social media platforms. This evergreen content oftentimes creates residual growth for your social media reach. For example, people may continue to save your Pinterest infographic long after you originally pin it.

Post during slow times.

This tip seems counterintuitive but you can strategically post during slow times on each social media platform. This way, your content won’t be lost in the flood of content posted during peak hours. Combine this with posting evergreen content and you just might have a recipe of surprising success. 

Create an editorial calendar.

To increase your overall social media reach, you need to focus on consistency. Editorial calendars aid posting consistency. Various programs online allow you to schedule content for posting across platforms. You input what content you want posted and then you can tweak it for specific platforms. Scheduling content allows you to post when you want to without needing to be constantly on your phone at certain points in the day, scrambling to post at a certain time.

Follow accounts that are relevant in your industry.

Follow accounts that are connected to your company’s interests. Following other accounts in your industry will increase the likelihood that they will follow you, so your follower numbers might grow. Interacting with these other accounts gets your social media presence out there on the playing field.

Identify your audience.

Since most companies have social media accounts, other businesses are inundated with options for who to follow. It’s important, then, to identify your audience. Once you’ve narrowed in on an audience to focus on, your content, following, and platform choices will be easier. You can even see what others are doing to reach similar audiences to yours.

Interact and engage with your existing followers.

Increasing your impact on your existing followers adds to your organic growth. Commenting and liking posts of those who follow you or comment on your own posts actively shows that you are social media minded. This also shows that you care about your customers and connected companies. Seeing your engagement with others will boost your social media reach as well.

Choose the right platforms.

For your specific company, find the most applicable platforms for you. For example, for industrial businesses, Snapchat and Twitter may not be the platforms to focus on the most. Read more about social media platforms to focus on in this blog post. Utilize analytics and research to figure out what social media platforms are benefitting your company’s social media reach.

Set goals.

Setting strategic goals grows your overall reach on social media. Just as with anything in life, goals help make things happen! Specific social media growth goals could be focused on gaining followers, increasing website traffic, or generating leads. To make these goals happen, you’ll need to come up with social media strategies.

Come up with a specific social media strategy.

All these techniques work best within a larger marketing strategy. Contact us at RedMoxy for marketing strategy information. Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Plus, learn more about the services we offer here.