Insider Tip: The Best Places to Find Imagery for your Blog

Aug 21, 2014

I come to this problem more times than I’d like to admit. I spend plenty of time drafting the blog, and then by the time I’m finished, I’m ready to post, not to fret about the right imagery. Is that the write way to approach imagery? No. But, there it is.

In case you’re like me, thinking “oh, snap! I need imagery” just before you’re about to post your blog, I’ve compiled my list of go-to places for imagery. There’s room for all kinds here, from the “I need an image and I need it NOW” types, to the “I have plenty of time. Why can I never come up with something creative?” types. Take my trade imagery secrets and make them your own. Because, as we all know, your imagery is what makes or break your post. (But more on that later. Check back for a post all about why imagery is oh-so important.)

The Best Places to Find Imagery for your Blog

Create your own imagery at

This site is for those of you on the plenty-of-time spectrum. Canva allows to dive into your inner graphic designer, without the training that comes prerequisite to working in Photoshop. There’s some free options, or you can pay a little and get your pick of oodles of images.

Create your own infographics and charts at is a great tool if you’re using stats and need an easily way to show your results. We used one in this post. Pretty snazzy, and pretty easy, too.

Take your own picturesDelafield in the Winter

Everyone one loves authenticity – why not find your own authenticity by using personal imagery in your blog? For example, here’s a picture I took on my way out of work one wintry Wisconsin day. Sorry for the reminder of winter…

Puppet Show

Google search for images

Of course, this last place to swipe your imagery on the fly seems too easy. But, there’s a trick. Under “Search Tools,” go to “Usage Rights” and then click on “Labeled for reuse” – that way, you know that you already have permission to use the imagery. This is my quickest, easiest way to find imagery for my last-minute blog posts. Here, need puppet show imagery? Now you have it.

I hope this helps my fellow writers. We all must dabble in the art of picking of the right imagery for our blog posts, but we might as well dabble with the right tools.

Do you have any other suggestions for the best places to find imagery? Let me know in the comments.