Interest for Pinterest?

Sep 11, 2015

Pinterest for businessDoes your company have an interest for Pinterest? If your answer to that question is currently a no, I would strongly encourage you to reconsider…and quickly. Pinterest has indeed become one of the best media marketing tools for businesses to use. Though it may sometimes be painted as taking a back seat to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest has a plethora of handy dandy marketing tools, techniques, and shortcuts to help take your business from where you are, to where you want to be.

Interest for Pinterest

As a matter of fact, Pinterest has substantially increased its follower base by 57% within the past year. This increase vastly blows social media sites such as Facebook out of the water. A really good question, then, is why should I invest more of my time, and my business into becoming a pinning maniac? Good question. Here are the top 3 reasons you should jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

1. Advantageous Advertising

When it comes to Pinterest’s success as a marketing tool, recent surveys and research by HelloSociety reveal that 88% of users actually ended up purchasing a product that they pinned. That’s right….88%.Why might that be? The great thing about Pinterest is that it takes your business’s product or service out of the store window and places it into the hands of practical users. Potential buyers like to see that other consumers are enjoying the products that they purchase. By using Pinterest to promote your business’s goods or services, you automatically pique consumer interest by providing a relatable connection and communication outlet for users to learn more. They can visualize themselves post product purchase, and see increased levels of buyer satisfaction.

2. Sharing is Caring

Unlike other social media sites that give you the option of sharing content, Pinterest is centered on sharing content with the masses on an unbelievably larger scale. Think about it. When users decide to use Facebook or Twitter, the usual intent is to check for status updates or post content. Occasionally, you have users that will decide to hit the retweet button, or even share a liked post. Rather than being a passive social media site, Pinterest focuses on active user participation. People go onto Pinterest with the intent of pinning, also known as sharing, pins to their personal or professional boards. Pinterest has a vast audience, 72.8 million and rising to be exact, waiting and wanting to learn more about what your company has to offer. Sharing is caring and pinning is winning!

3. Vivid Vision

Consumers utilize media sites to fulfill their needs. In any aspect, your business should always be customer oriented, in that you always seek to satisfy and exceed both customer needs and expectations. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter satisfy the need for relations. Users can interact with friends in a unique way. Even so, Pinterest aims to focus less on relations from person to person, and focus more on building relations between business and customer. Pinterest is all about fulfillment – fulfilling the desires of the customer. It is best practice to keep in mind that users of Pinterest are extraordinarily visionary. They use boards and pins with a vision in mind. Additionally, users are aware of what products or designs are trending, and what they desire to have. Pinners are literally laying out for businesses what they want, down to the last thread. The users of Pinterest have saved you a step in terms of market research. Look no further for the latest and greatest. Pinterest is always one step ahead.

If you haven’t already, get your business out there, and get started. Pin it to win it.