Keeping Your Company’s LinkedIn Page Fresh

Apr 28, 2017

Keeping Your Company's LinkedIn Page Fresh

By now, you have most likely been told that your company should have a LinkedIn profile. So you created one. Done. You use it for networking and you regularly post content. That’s great. However, you should be making the most of your presence on LinkedIn rather than doing the bare minimum. LinkedIn continues to grow as a professional network, and your company can be a part of that growth. Leverage the potential by creating an engaging, fresh profile. Here’s how. 

Keeping Your Company’s LinkedIn Page Fresh 

1. Update information

Outdated information will make it appear as if you rarely use the page. If a LinkedIn member views your profile and sees that the info is clearly not current, he or she is not going to look any further. 40% of LinkedIn members use the site daily. That means you should be, too. Even just taking a few minutes to share an article daily shows that you are consistently engaging on the site.

2. Change your profile photo and cover photo

These visuals are the first impression given to visitors of your company profile. Make it a good one. Using branded photos is an option that lends the page credibility, such as the inclusion of your logo. Take the time to create and choose high-quality images that best represent the company culture.

3. Revise the summary

The summary is your chance to tell your company’s story. Connect with the reader by making the story personal, rather using a generic description of the company and what it does. Write about how the business was started and how it has evolved since then. You can even discuss the company’s values and what it plans to accomplish in the future.

4. Join groups 

Joining LinkedIn groups related to your industry can bring interested visitors your way. Participate in these groups as appropriate, such as by liking and commenting on material posted by the group. Reading content posted by these groups will keep you updated on hot topics in the industry – topics that you can jump on and write about yourself. These groups also give you the opportunity to contribute information to the industry if you have something innovative that you would like to share.

5. Post often 

Don’t make it all about you, you, you. Many people check LinkedIn for industry news and helpful advice. If you only post about how great your company is, people will lose interest. Sharing insightful content that readers will find interesting and useful is your goal here. Offer them value. Give them an incentive to continue to check out your posts, your profile, and even your website.

6. Feature products

LinkedIn gives the option of having a Products and Services tab. Take advantage of this feature by showing off some of your best work. Include a direct link to your website. You could also include contact information for a sales representative if anyone wants more information about your offerings. This tab is your best bet for generating leads. Make sure any images and text chosen are professional and attention-grabbing.

Keep your company’s LinkedIn profile fresh this spring by following these tips. If you’d like more advice about social media marketing, we would be happy to help. Reach out to us today at 262.303.4238.