Key Takeaways from Google’s Logo Change

Sep 2, 2015

By now, you’ve almost definitely seen the new look of Google’s logo. Google went from their old logo to this:Key Takeaways from Google's Logo Change

What ever your thoughts on the look and feel of the new logo (and boy, there have been many), there are a number of key takeaways that you and I learn from Google’s logo change. Want to become a little bit more like Google? Read these key takeaways from Google’s logo change and then implement them for yourself and your company. 

Key Takeaways from Google’s Logo Change

Changing Before the Times

Google isn’t afraid of change. This isn’t the first time they’ve updated their logo. In fact, they’ve updated the logo SEVEN TIMES. Take a walk down memory lane with this video:

You’re probably already aware that your company should “change with the times.” But, have you considered changing before the times? Had you heard any complaint from Googlers, saying the Google logo was old and outdated? Probably not. They’ve updated their logo before the old one became obsolete.

Feedback is Fine

As I mentioned before, Google has received a lot of feedback from the logo change, some good, some bad. Though any large company with the online presence of Google will get recognition of some kind (whether good or bad) or an update like this, not all companies welcome the feedback. Google didn’t make this logo change surreptitiously, quietly hoping the event would pass unnoticed. Instead, Google created a special Google Doodle to mark the occasion. They blogged about the change, too, a sign of transparency. In today’s Internet age, transparency goes a long way.

Nothing is Permanent

See? Designing your website really isn’t that scary. Choosing your new company logo shouldn’t induce feelings of panic and despair – after all, nothing is permanent. The beauty of so much of the marketing done today is that it is easily reviseable. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and try something new and interesting – you can always change it again.

If your company is at a crossroads, consider taking a leap, making that change. If your company is stuck in the same place it has been, use Google’s example as the catalyst to propel your company into action. Use these key takeaways from Google’s logo change as your inspiration: your company, too, can make a major change.

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