Manufacturer’s Guide to Video Marketing

Jul 16, 2018

When beginning any kind of marketing campaign, there are a few essential questions that you need to ask before you can get started.

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What is my goal?
  3. What is my budget?
  4. How will I measure success?

These are just a few of them. And, these are the ones we are going to focus on today. Let’s get into it!

Manufacturer’s Guide to Video Marketing

Who is my target audience?

With marketing, we always, always, always keep our target audiences in mind. As a manufacturer, you will have to do the same. Do you sell to other businesses? Do you sell to individual consumers? What are the demographics of the people you most want to reach? Does money, age, location, etc. play a part in determining who you want to reach?

One of best ways you can proceed is to evaluate any marketing ideas you have against a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a character that you make up that acts as one of your target audience members. Check out more in this blog.

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What is my goal?

To create an effective video marketing campaign, you need to know exactly why you are creating a video in the first place. You can’t keep track of your success if you don’t know why you are doing something in the first place.

Manufacturer's Guide to Video Marketing -- RedMoxy CommunicationsLet’s say you are a manufacturing company that specializes in creating custom valves. You sell other valves as well, but you really want to start selling more custom valves. If you don’t sit down and create a measurable, timely goal, how will you know if and when you are successful? And, how will you know what actions to take to reach said goal?

Your goal for video marketing doesn’t have to be anything crazy. You may want to bring more awareness to a new product you have. So, you can track success by seeing how many new visitors watch your video. You may want to get more people to sign up for a conference you’re hosting. So, you could track link clicks.

See how the efforts you take align with your goal? It all works together!

What is my budget?

Money isn’t really the most fun thing to talk about, but ya gotta do it. Looking at your budget will help you decide if you are going to outsource your video marketing projects (and to whom you will outsource them), if you are going to create videos yourself, if you are going to buy new video equipment, etc.

How will I measure success?

We touched on this in the goal setting section, so I’ll keep this brief. Be sure that you have an attainable, measurable goal so that you can track your success.

For example, if you are looking to increase views on your website, thrown a number out that you think you could reach. Put an end date on that little campaign, and when the time comes check out how close you got to your goal. If you reached or surpassed the number, you can adjust for next time. And, so the cycle continues.

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Creating new marketing campaigns is really exciting and can be a lot of fun! If you are looking to start a video marketing campaign, reach out to us.