Manufacturing Marketing: Content Distribution

Sep 4, 2022

Manufacturers who understand the value of continued marketing efforts guided by strategy will no doubt have countless hours put into their content development process. Videos, Blogs, Case Studies and more all fall under this broad content production category. Unfortunately, too many manufacturers post their content on their manufacturing website blog and maybe reference it on their social channels and leave it at that.

Putting this tremendous effort of producing quality content and then leaving it to search algorithms is falling short and leaving an opportunity on the table.

The smart marketers for manufacturers will understand that not all of their target audiences are actively searching for their content. Waiting for them to search and find your content may be a longer waiting game than you’re ready for.

Understanding that incorporating an active and offensive approach to content distribution is a smart play to ensure your content is spread widely and accurately to those you want to reach.

Use a mixture of paid channels and other methods to reach your audiences where they are, actively searching for you or not, to make sure they have an opportunity to experience your brand and expertise.

Distributing content for manufacturing marketing

  • Paid ads through provider networks, LinkedIn and more.
  • Influencer and micro-influencer outreach can pay huge dividends.
  • Email newsletters and other marketing emails.

Partnering with an agency like RedMoxy which is focused on delivering digital marketing results for manufacturers can be a game changer for many industrial B2B companies.