Marketing for Manufacturers

RedMoxy, headquartered in Wisconsin, is a B2B digital marketing agency specializing in tactics, processes and results for industrial.

Manufacturers we work with.
We convert failed or underperforming manufacturing websites into lead machines.
We run SEO and social media campaigns for lots of manufacturers because we’re really good at it.
We work with manufacturers on brochures, whitepapers, powerpoints and more to give them powerful sales tools.

We are a team built for manufacturers

We speak your language and understand the results you’re looking for. We drive leads, sales and growth naturally for industrial companies.

Our Services

RedMoxy provides the following marketing services for our clients and supports them through every step of the marketing process.

Website Design

Website design and development for industrial. We are experts in bringing value, creative excellence, and positive returns.

Application Development

Our team can bring your organization’s vision to life through our custom application development.

Digital Marketing

Successful Industrial digital marketing strategies span many platforms and approaches. RedMoxy’s experts plan and execute winning strategies that bring results.


Strategy, messaging and platform cohesiveness. We give Industrial businesses a brand-focused leadership team to perfect their projection.


We locate and exploit search engine market gaps for our clients to bring them better visibility and web traffic and raise their overall digital profile.

Client Services

Our team learns your needs and what makes your organization unique and successful in your market, then we support that focus across all marketing fronts.

Focus Marketing

We bring a fresh and creative approach to our clients’ messaging, visuals and energy that delivers a true refresh to their brand and often times, to their entire market.

Industrial B2B

Our years of focused industrial experience have taught us a trick or two for our clients. We can bring wins where others can’t in sales enablement, tradeshow design, E-commerce catalogs and much more.

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