What a Great Manufacturing Company Website Looks Like

Nov 14, 2018

We’ve reached a time in which people’s first impressions of a business are oftentimes formed online. No doubt, word-of-mouth is an excellent way of growing positive name exposure, but when customers are searching for the right organizations to help them meet their business needs, they’ll almost certainly check first to see what’s available to them online. This means your company needs a great website. Don’t settle for an adequate or functional one. You may have established yourself as an excellent manufacturing company that other businesses can trust, but a sub par website will damage your hopes of expanding to others who aren’t already familiar with your own. Read on to discover why a spectacular manufacturing website is a must-have and find out what you can do to make sure yours is top notch.

Where Do I Start?

Perhaps you’re going through a huge website overhaul or maybe just getting going on your business website. There are some universal tips to keep in mind no matter the type of business. These may seem simple, but they could prove costly if neglected.

Make Sure Branding is Consistent

This is huge. Maybe you’ve updated your logo or changed your company slogan. Make sure you don’t have carryover from your previous set-up. Even aspects such as colors need to be accurate and consistent with your brand.

Go Through an Editing Process

You might refer to them as the “grammar police,” but misspellings, typos, and poorly worded sentences can cause observant page viewers to leave your page. Take the time to make sure yours is professionally assembled so businesses know they’re getting involved with a credible organization.

What About Manufacturers?

Depending on the business, this can go a lot of ways, of course. However, you can bet successful manufacturing websites contain similar content across the board. The goal is to form healthy, long-term relationships with other businesses in those all-important B2B interactions.

 Prioritize Contact Information

You’ve created the gold standard of websites – it’s flawless with no bugs or broken links. But this only goes so far. Other businesses and customers want to contact you – it’s why they’re on your website! Invite people to contact you by phone or email by providing this visibly on the site’s landing page.

Include Testimonials

You won’t want to saturate your entire home page with quotes, but sentiments from clients can set your website apart. Save a space off to the side that shows what partners have said about you. Include pictures showing your product in use. Testimonials are a cost effective method of boosting credibility. Reach out to the businesses you’ve formed close ties with and ask them to say a little something about your business. Outside potential clients will notice this and view your businesses as credible within the industry.

Connect Your Audience

When clients can see you have a great website, they’ll believe your social media presence is equally as impressive. Use this as a prime opportunity to invite them to follow your social media pages. Perhaps you have company events coming up where you can meet people to help grow your business or job postings available. If nothing else, you’ve established good brand credibility through repetition as long as you commit to consistently engaging with your followers. You may also recall a previous blog on email marketing. With a great website, you can increase the likelihood clients will subscribe to your company mailing list. Offer a simple sign-up for them to do so.

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