Marketing Challenges for Manufacturing Companies (and How to Overcome Them)

Jul 10, 2019

Marketing for manufacturers comes with its unique challenges. Today, we’ll cover the main marketing challenges for manufacturing companies (and how to overcome them). Included in this blog post will be links to some other blog posts with connected topics. You can use this article as a starting point for research into how to really hit your manufacturing company’s marketing out of the park.

Marketing Challenges for Manufacturing Companies (and How to Overcome Them)

Challenge #1: Measuring the outcome of marketing ventures

Measuring the effects of marketing activities (both in traffic improvement and ROI) can be tricky for manufacturing companies. Once a campaign is launched or a website is revamped, you, of course, will want to know how this is affecting your company’s revenue and leads. Most likely, your company will continue to invest in marketing ventures if they are effective. To help conquer this measuring challenge, set specific (and documentable) goals when planning your marketing. Once you have specific goals set up, using the analytics gathered from your marketing campaign will be much more streamlined. Use details like total visits, click through rates, time on page, demographics of traffic, and number of backlinks generated to measure how successful your activities were.

Challenge #2: Managing your website

Managing your manufacturing website can be a stumbling block in marketing. For those of us who are less tech-savvy, managing an engaging and professional website is a challenge. To deal with this challenge, either learn the skills needed or hire someone who has the correct skill-set. This is where an agency like RedMoxy comes in handy. Refer to this blog post, about the costs of running a successful manufacturing website, to review some of the things you need to keep tabs on while managing your website. Remember: make sure to track up-to-date content, SEO data, and current product information.

Challenge #3: Securing more leads

The challenge of gathering leads is not unique to just manufacturing companies. All B2B companies focus on securing more leads with marketing work. Even company evaluations are starting to evaluate lead-generation more and more. Focusing on conversion marketing is key for increasing your manufacturing company’s leads. In an manufacturing context, conversion marketing consists of a steady connection with potential customers. Setting a goal for a high conversion rate for your company means more sales, fewer lost connections, and a larger return on investment. 

Challenge #4: Creating engaging content

Creating engaging content for manufacturing circles can be difficult. However, focusing on quality topics and helpful information streamlines the brainstorming process. For example, product videos help potential connections decide if they’ll contact your manufacturing company. Similarly, expert blogs inform and connect with those in your industry.

Previously on this blog, we’ve written about creating engaging content. This blog talks about writing scripts for YouTube videos, this blog covers the length of blog posts, and upcoming blogs will dive into improving blogs and the entire video making process—so keep an eye out for those.

Challenge #5: Standing out online

A main challenge facing marketing in manufacturing today is the struggle to stand out online. There are so many websites, social media accounts, and videos bombarding customers today that it’s difficult to rise above the crowd. As this blog covers, standing out online can be accomplished. Start to build your website’s reach and credibility by differentiating your brand. Find what makes your company unique and showcase that on your site. Likewise, narrowing in on a niche of interest and need will allow your company to really shine to interested visitors. Focusing on your company’s SEO will also improve your presence online.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to RedMoxy to talk more about marketing for manufacturing companies. RedMoxy Communications has worked with several manufacturing companies to improve their websites and marketing ventures.