Marketing for the Holidays

Nov 25, 2016

Marketing For the Holidays -- RedMoxy CommunicationsThe holidays are upon us, with Christmas in a month. However, it’s not too late to employ some smart marketing for the holidays tactics. We have 15 creative ideas for how your business can celebrate the holiday season. 

Marketing for the Holidays 

1. Host a holiday breakfast for clients instead of an evening event. You won’t need to give as much notice and schedules will be more open.

2. Get involved with a local charity and encourage your employees and clients to join you.

3. Send a card for New Year’s rather than Christmas so that it won’t be overlooked or lost in a pile.

4. Do not send an e-card. It shows lack of effort. A real card feels much more personalized.

5. Hold a contest. Everyone loves a competition. It could be as simple as a coloring contest for the kids. 

6. Have an open house, which takes less planning that a formal party and allows people to stop by if they feel like it.

7. Provide entertainment if your business is an appropriate venue, such as a coffee shop. It will create an environment where people will want to linger.

8. It may be too late to plan a big Christmas party, but you can take your clients out to lunch individually if you would still like to have that face to face social interaction, now and into the New Year.

9. Give your clients a small gift as a token of your appreciation.

10. Decorate your offices or storefront. The cheery mood will be contagious.

11. Feed your visitors. It’s not a bad idea to always have cookies and hot chocolate available for your customers or clients.

12. Have a drawing for a gift basket or a gift card.

13. Host your holiday party after the New Year has begun and all of the other festivities have died down. Your attendance will be higher because you won’t be competing with as many other events.

14. Give a small gift with purchase to provide incentive.

15. SALES. You won’t want to miss out on the holiday shopping season. Get creative – consider a 12 Day Sale event with a different deal each day.