Marketing in Your Home Town

Apr 22, 2015

Marketing in Your Home Town

Waukesha, Wisconsin, the RedMoxy home town

Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the big picture than to agonize over the little details. Sometimes the big picture is what you should be focusing on, such as when you’re developing your 12-month marketing strategy. At other times, though, it’s good to take a step forward, to zoom in on the little details. And that’s why, at least for a little while, you should think about what marketing in your home town really means. For us here at RedMoxy, what does marketing to Lake Country and to the greater Milwaukee area truly mean, practically speaking? For you, what tactics are you using to get a firm grasp of the marketing in your home town?

Read on for 10 tips and tactics to aid you in marketing in your home town.

Marketing in Your Home Town

1. Scope out the competition.

There’s less competition in your home town, but, at the same time, there’s less people to market to, as well. Do some research on your competition. Figure out how you can separate yourselves from the rest. Make clear points of differentiation between the services you offer and the services they offer.

2. Get friendly.

We’ve seen it over and over again. People like to work with people they know. Start getting to know people!

3. Play off local quirks.

You know what makes your home town unique, and so does all the other locals. You don’t have to pretend to understand the culture – you’re a part of the culture. Use it.

4. Become an expert.

Establish yourself as the go-to for information in your industry. We’ve already talked about differentiating yourself from the competition; here’s one way to do it. Read here for more on becoming a local expert.

5. Utilize Google local search.

We walked through 10 steps for how to improve local search optimization for your business here – check it out for all the gritty details.

6. Throw parties.

Or, you know, events. Any kind of event. Invite the community (this will help with #2, also). Events help with name recognition, and the more attendees, the more people who will remember your company name.

7. Sign up for other events.

You don’t just need to throw parties; you need to attend them, too. The more the locals see you (as an employee of your company) out and about, walking around and attending functions, the more they’ll remember both you (as a person) and you (as the face of your company).

8. Get a bigger sign.

Because, hey – it never hurts.


We mentioned using Google local search to improve the marketing in your home town, which is a major part of search engine optimization. Learn more about SEO in the Starter’s Guide below. 
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