Marketing Myth: Marketing and Manufacturing Can’t Co-Exist

Aug 7, 2019

There’s a myth that swirls around the manufacturing arena. It’s that marketing doesn’t work with manufacturing. We, of course, don’t believe this as we focus on marketing for manufacturers in many of our blog posts and services. In this blog post, I’ll disprove the marketing myth that marketing and manufacturing can’t co-exist. In fact, I believe that they need to co-exist.

Marketing Myth: Marketing and Manufacturing Can’t Co-Exist

Why do marketing and manufacturing clash?

In the past, manufacturers haven’t invested time and money into marketing. Marketing didn’t use to be an effective drive for manufacturing growth. In addition, marketers and manufacturers have historically clashed heads. The fast-paced, customer-focused priorities of marketers can collide with the long-process, product-focus of manufacturers. The job purposes of marketers and manufacturers can lead to clashes of intent, goals, and focuses.

Why do marketing and manufacturing need to co-exist?

However, marketers and manufacturers need to work together. In this day and age, companies need to spend time and skill on marketing products. If this is due to the influx of products on the market or the digital age, or a mix of a lot of things, the effect is the same—manufactured products need to be marketed.

Manufacturers manufacture quality and needed products. However, if people can’t find the products online or by word of mouth, these products aren’t going out into the field. When marketers do their work, the products are easily found and attractively described. Consequently, they are much more likely to be distributed and purchased.

What does this mean for you?

This is all fine and dandy . . . in theory. Marketing and manufacturing didn’t always get along. Sometimes they still don’t. But, we’ve figured out how important it is for marketers and manufacturers to work together. Where does that leave marketers and manufacturers? Here’s a list of things for both marketers and manufacturers to remember:

  • Marketers generally need to focus on results and the customer.
  • Manufactures generally need to focus on the quality of the product, the details of the process, and the manufacturing cycle.
  • Marketers need products to market.
  • Manufacturers needs marketing for their products.

Moving forward, remembering these facts will help in your marketing and manufacturing relationships. In addition, coming up with clear expectations and goals from both sides of the coin will improve your company’s work. Nailing down your company’s manufacturing goals and relaying that information to the marketing department or agency allows for the marketers to clearly understand the focus of their marketing campaigns. On the other hand, explaining marketing practices and solutions to the manufacturing side of the company will help the manufacturers understand the importance of marketing.

Where is the sweet spot of marketing and manufacturing?

Marketing for manufactures has the possibility to be unique and exciting. The challenge of marketing in the B2B arena allows for creative solutions. Finding the balance of a customer-focus with a product-focus is an exciting opportunity. To make the most of marketing in the manufacturing sector, remember to:

  • Ask questions of your customers (and use that information to improve your products/marketing tactics)
  • Avoid industry-heavy lingo (your company and customers should be able to understand you)
  • Focus on content marketing (for expert information, talk to your manufacturing contacts)

These tips will not only improve the quality of your marketing; they will also add to the interest. This benefits your company because, if customers are intrigued by your marketing, they are more likely to look into your manufactured products.

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