Marketing Trends for 2017

Nov 30, 2016

Marketing Trends for 2017The New Year is right around the corner, and it’s time to consider what marketing tactics you will use in 2017. Stay on the top of your game, or, if you have yet to achieve the success you desire, now is your chance. Start the year with refreshing content in surprising formats. Experts are predicting these marketing trends.

Marketing Trends for 2017


Remember how popular Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign was? When consumers got a Coke with their name on it, they felt as if it had been made for them. While you don’t need to put your costumers name on everything, it certainly should be included on each and every item you send them, whether it is a mass email or a snail mail thank you card.

Social Media Marketing

Social, social, social! This trend for the past few years shows no sign of slowing down. Keep your content unique by engaging with consumers rather than blasting channels with posts that read as advertisements. Still, the purpose of social media marketing is to ultimately increase sales. Keep this in mind as you craft your posts. The balance between fun-focused and sales-focused is not easy to master.


Facebook has analytic capabilities, but we know that it does not tell the whole story. The performance of marketing efforts has always been difficult to measure. As technology continues to advance, more accurate and detailed resources will become available to marketers. They will be able to measure abstract factors such as customer satisfaction, customer retention, profit, and revenue. 

Live Video Streaming

We saw this quite a bit in 2016 and its popularity will continue to rise. Even this year’s first Presidential debate was streamed live, drawing millions of viewers. More brands will choose to incorporate live video streaming into their marketing strategies. 

Dense Content 

This might seem counteractive to every piece of marketing advice you have previously heard. You have been told to keep it fun and light. In this context, dense means that every single word and every single sentence packs a punch. It has a specific purpose. Then when people are skimming your content, no matter which portion they catch, it will include a piece of important information. Every word choice counts.

Niche Markets 

News feeds on social media are crowded. Think of how many posts you miss if you have not checked the app in just a few hours. Targeting smaller but more specific audiences may be a more effective approach for your business. The chance of the individual actually being interested in your post is that much higher. Narrow your lens and target a smaller demographic.

Don’t let 2017 surprise you. Stay on top of the trends and start preparing now.