Marketing with Meta

Apr 22, 2022

Social media is constantly changing. From new trends to new companies, social media is a communication platform that always keeps you on your toes. One of the more recent examples of the shift in media is the introduction of Meta. Meta is a new social technology company that was founded by Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook. Now, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger are all under Meta. How does this affect marketing? In order to effectively market effectively you need to understand the platforms you are using. The two most popular Meta social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, are key marketing tools. Below are three tips to keep in mind when marketing with Meta.

Emphasize Design

Why is design important when marketing with Meta?

Meta lends itself to design. Facebook and Instagram rely heavily on the images in posts and stories. Without enticing images, consumers will be less likely to visit your page or purchase your products. High-quality design creates credibility for your brand. If you do not have a solid design, consumers will not take you as seriously, even on social media platforms.

For Facebook, design is key for posts on your timeline. Most of your customers will view this content first, so it is imperative that your content emphasizes design. The same goes for Facebook advertisements. Those ads may be the first look a consumer gets of your company, therefore,  you do not want poor design choices to be the reason they scroll by. 

Instagram is even more visual than Facebook. When looking at your company’s profile, it’s a block of images and graphics from each post. There is less reliance on the written content as the image is displayed more prominently than the caption. Stories and reels follow a similar suit, making design imperative to successful posts. 

How, then, can you emphasize design in your posts? Your brand should already have a cohesive design with colors and styles tailored to your company. This is a great place to start, especially as cohesiveness is key for successful branding. However, social media lends itself to being fun and creative, so do not feel boxed in by your brand’s design. Use that as a starting place, and then work to create your imaging on these platforms.

Be Creative

How does creativity fit into marketing with Meta?

When marketing with Meta, creativity is what will set your content apart from the rest. People go to social media to be entertained. Therefore, your design, content, and images all need to grab their attention.

Creativity does not need to be wild and crazy. You can be creative on Facebook and Instagram by having fun live interviews or putting together a promotional video. Many times we hear the term “creativity” and think there needs to be something huge extravagant. But, in reality, creativity is just bringing in something new. Understand your audience and consider what would surprise them. If you can keep surprising your audience and holding their attention, then you know you’re on the right track. Check out Peter Daisyme’s article, “Creative Marketing Ideas to Get More Customers and Followers,” at Entrepreneur to learn more about creativity in marketing.

Connect with Consumers

How can I connect with consumers when marketing with Meta?

Meta social media platforms lend themselves to connecting with consumers. People want to feel seen, and if you can make them feel valued and heard, they will be likely to purchase your products and services. 

How can you connect with consumers? For Facebook and Instagram specifically, make your content personable. Making your audience feel seen will create a positive relationship between you both. You also should respond positively to comments on posts to interact with your customers. Be careful when interacting in comments, however, because comment sections on social media can become messy. Make sure your comments cannot be taken the wrong way and if people are complaining about your products or services you can steer them back to a more positive light.

All in all, marketing with Meta provides numerous avenues to connect with your consumers. In order to be effective on Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram, emphasize design and creativity in your content. Want to learn more about marketing with Meta? RedMoxy has you covered! Contact us here to learn more.