Maximizing YouTube’s Potential for Your B2B Company

Jul 3, 2019

YouTube isn’t just for funny cat videos anymore. More and more companies are utilizing YouTube’s potential in their industries. Today, we’re going to talk about maximizing YouTube’s potential for your B2B company.

Maximizing YouTube’s Potential for Your B2B Company

The Facts:

The company Foundation compiled studies done about YouTube. The statistics they found are convincing reasons to harness YouTube’s potential for your B2B company. They found that:

  • YouTube has over 1.9 billion monthly active users
  • Youtube is the second most visited site (after Google)
  • 73% of American adults say they use YouTube
  • YouTube generates 3 billion searches per month
  • 80% of U.S. marketers are confident YouTube videos convert to leads
  • YouTube ranks 4th for the most valued social media platform by B2B marketers

According to these statistics, it’s almost vital that businesses get into the business of YouTube. For B2B companies specifically, YouTube’s potential for conversion is an exciting opportunity.

B2B and YouTube:

To understand B2B videos, we need to understand what they’re not. Specifically, they’re not B2C videos. B2C videos focus on a snappy thumbnail, topic, and title to hook in viewers. On the other hand, B2B videos can find a niche and create quality, audience-driven videos without having to use clickbait. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to create engaging videos. In fact, you should create engaging and informative videos. However, an elevator-pitch hook and fancy editing isn’t the focus for B2B videos.

The focus of B2B videos on YouTube is creating content that your industry-driven audience will want to see.

Video ideas:

Whiteboard-style videos

Whiteboard-style videos are attractive to viewers. This is because these videos clearly explain information both visually and verbally. Utilizing this genre of video can increase your views. Due to the informative nature of these videos, they are perfect for the B2B arena.

Brand-based videos

Creating videos that let the viewer take a peak into your company culture humanizes your company. These videos are also helpful for potential future company connections, since they have a chance to get to know your company before forming a connection. Get-to-know an employee, day-in-the-life of the office/factory, or building tours could be interesting to your viewers.


Interviewing experts within your industry has the potential to be really engaging for viewers. Whether these be experts from your own company or experts that you are hosting on your channel, informed opinions are helpful. Interviews with experts adds to your company’s credibility.

In-depth videos

In-depth videos could be anything from product descriptions to manufacturing processes. They could also be technical definitions and explanations of industry topics. These informative, guide-like videos are information gold for viewers.

Promotion strategies:

Creating content that viewers are interested in is the first step. The second step to work on is conversion. To turn your views into leads, utilize SEO, other social media platforms, and YouTube links.

Converting your YouTube traffic to business leads can be maximized by using SEO. This is because SEO works hand in hand with the platform of YouTube because YouTube is owned by Google. Creating applicable, relevant, and quality content will boost your SEO.

Linking your YouTube to other social media platforms (and visa-versa) will increase your video’s reach. For example, a LinkedIn post could link to a specific YouTube video. Intentionally leading your existing followers to your YouTube channel increases the impact of your channel. Similarly, your YouTube could lead to increased engagement on your other social media platforms. This combined increase will increase the leads landing on your company’s website.

Using YouTube’s built in video-linking tools will increase video traffic (and thus conversion). Generally speaking, people tend to get lost in a YouTube video web. They start with one video and then click on the suggested video on the side and then click on the video that pops up in a related search then click on the video that video is talking about . . . viewers tend to watch videos in a connected web. Linking relevant videos at the end of your own video (or creating videos that will pop up after other peoples’ videos) will maximize your reach. Linking your company’s website and information to each video increases your leads.

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