6 Reasons to Focus on Mobile Advertising in 2019

Dec 12, 2018

In our most recent blog, we went into detail on how advertising can be used resourcefully and to your advantage from a business perspective. When used the right way, you can genuinely set your business apart from competitors within the market (if you haven’t had a chance to read it, click here). It’s time now to get more specific on the subject: mobile advertising. As so many other aspects of life have gone mobile – banking, planning, and entertainment, to name a few – so has advertising. It only makes sense to get ahead of the game by implementing unique and effective mobile marketing campaigns. Read further to find out how you can be confident in your mobile advertising planning in 2019 by picking up some tips and learning its many advantages.

Of the many reasons to focus on mobile advertising, these are likely the most crucial:

Instant Gratification

It’s what you want your target audience to get, right? It’s what you can deliver with effective mobile advertising. A well-situated advertisement that links the consumer to your website is huge. Once you land consumers on your web page, they’ll be able to purchase immediately online without even knowing about competitors’ offers. Of course, this also requires a high-quality website. You can check out how to make sure yours is just so by clicking here.


You have to pay for each radio ad, for television ad space, or posting to billboards. While there are some costs to mobile advertising, such as time spent, it is certainly a better value than more traditional advertising methods. This means you’ll receive a better return on investment, reaching more consumers within your target audience while cutting down on advertising expenses.

SEO Success

It’s no secret that search engines like Google have developed systems of determining the most valuable content online, and no business is immune to being part of it. If your mobile advertising is having its intended effects, you’ll see a significant uptick in your SEO ranking because more consumers are going to your mobile-friendly website and engaging with it, i.e. contacting your business, sharing information, and purchasing online. Click here to read our blog for more information on SEO and its importance in 2018.

These three aspects to mobile advertising should be of central focus for your business. Here are some additional tips on how to make sure your campaigns are engaging your audience:


Your consumers can find almost anything they want online in a matter of minutes, and oftentimes it takes even less time than that. This should prompt a business to make sure its mobile advertisements are relevant and timely. Think about what times of the day your audience might search for your products online and align the time of year with advertisements that apply to current business activities.

 Define Your Audience

You already have a good idea of what consumer bases you have business connections with but define this even further. By doing so, you can segment your target audience by location, which goes a long way in ensuring your business as advertisement relevancy. One advertisement may work great in Wisconsin but be a disaster in Florida. By crafting mobile advertising plans that are pertinent to each audience location, you can be confident knowing your audience is seeing what they want to see.

Social Media

Advertising through social media is a hot trend in today’s business world, so mobile advertising goes hand-in-hand with it. Be sure your mobile advertisements are compatible with the social media platforms you’re placing them on. Then think of creative ways to have them stand out.

Reach out to us at RedMoxy Communications for more tips and advice for mobile advertising. We can help your business’s online presence through mobile advertising and have the expertise to do so. Click here or call (262) 303-4238.