New Technology and PR…The Straight-Talk You’ve Been Looking For

Oct 15, 2014

On top of my PR duties here at RedMoxy, I’m also almost always knee-deep in social media, both for our company accounts and for our clients. As I’m sure you know, social media is an ever-changing environment. Almost daily, I read about recent algorithm changes to Facebook, font changes to Twitter’s stream, updated analytics for Pinterest. It’s fun that the social media landscape is so dynamic…but it’s also a little exhausting. It’s hard to get used to anything when I know that the way I do it now is likely to look totally different from next year’s strategy.

But PR, now…that’s a nice, calm, unchanging environment. Right?

Actually, no. If you want to be the best PR person you can be, you need to be staying on top of your new technology, too. New technology and PR go together, hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly, the zig to your zag. Here’s why. 

New Technology and PR: Why it’s so important for you and your pitching

Really, I can sum up this whole blog with one, simple sentence.

new technology and PR

Still calling when most of your media contacts prefer Twitter? Better freshen up on your new technology and PR! Photo Credit: granty via Compfight cc

You, as a PR professional, need to be on top of the new technology at your fingertips because your media contacts and your clients also have new technology at their fingertips.

If they’re using it, you need to be, too. Need more convincing? Here, observe:

  1. If your clients are using technology that you’re unfamiliar with, you will come across as antiquated and unprofessional when you don’t know what they’re talking about.
  2. If your journalists prefer to be contacted via new technology, you better be doing so. If they don’t check email but respond on Twitter, all of your emails will be for naught.
  3. Your clients expect the best, most efficient work from you. Oftentimes, new technology gives better operating methods to PR.

Think about it this way: by staying on top of new technology trends, you’re better able to plan for the future, both for your own company and for your customers. It’s true. Things aren’t like they used to be. And while new technology and PR don’t move nearly as quickly as social media and PR, change still comes a lot faster than it used it. Prepare yourself for it, and stay on top of your new technology and PR. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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