New Year, New Marketing?

Jan 1, 2020

Happy new year! As we step into the futuristic-sounding year of 2020, what marketing moves should we make? Do we scratch all our 2019 strategies and start afresh? Do we keep doing the same things that have worked before? New year, new marketing?

New Year, New Marketing?

Due to the long buying processes in B2B circles, discarding all marketing strategies from the previous year seems a little risky. Buyers in the midst of the process won’t appreciate a complete rebrand or reboot, they will want to be able to recognize the company they trust. Finding the balance between old and new is key. Start the new year by reviewing last year’s marketing trends, adjusting your marketing moves, talking with your customers, and focusing on new developments. With these four exercises, you’ll start the new year with a fresh and trustworthy marketing strategy.

Review the marketing trends

To prepare for 2020, review the marketing industry trends from 2019. A few weeks back, I posted a 2019 marketing review blog highlighting the trends seen in the past year:

  • A continued rise in content marketing
  • The marketing funnel’s changing shape
  • A continued importance of data-driven marketing
  • Social media platform’s evolving demographics
  • A focus on ROI (that left out brand-building)
  • Video’s continued growth

To read information on these trends to see how they interacted with your company, read the full post here.

Adjust your marketing moves

Adapting tools and strategies to the needs of the buyer is important. The new year can be a great time to evaluate how well your marketing moves worked in the last year/few months. Adjusting your campaigns accordingly will up the impact of your work. Doing this review and adjustment every few weeks and months will incorporate an intentional routine into your marketing moves. To start this routine, evaluate at the beginning of the year. These first few weeks of January, take some time out to look at data, analytics, customer feedback, and salespeople input to see how marketing is playing out for all those involved. With their feedback, adjust and edit your marketing plans for the next few months and repeat every quarter.

Talk with your customers

To fully prepare for the new year, talk with your customers. Call or visit and engage in real time. The holiday season is a perfect time to check in and check up with your contacts. This will serve a dual-purpose. It serves as a timely reminder to focus on the human connection in your marketing endeavors. Especially in B2B circles, focusing on the personal connection is very important.

Focus on developments

Embracing the new year means embracing change and developments. Things like AI and an evolving buying cycle can mean changes for your B2B company. Study the increasing focus on personalization in website development to use new and fresh techniques this coming year. More trends to look out for this year include:

With these new developments in mind, consider how you can implement them on your website and in your marketing strategies. Ask yourself where you can improve, try new things, and test out ideas. When using new techniques, utilize A/B testing and customer feedback to make sure that things are working well and effectively.

This new year is a great opportunity for new growth for you and your company. If you’d like to talk with us at RedMoxy about new marketing options for 2020, give us a call at 262-363-4238 or reach out to us at [email protected]. Our services include marketing, branding, and website development with an emphasis on industrial sector companies. We’d love to talk with you!