Pin It: How to Market With Pinterest

Sep 15, 2022

Pinterest is known for helping users create an aesthetic collection of their passions, interests and even what inspires them. With this, is Pinterest a viable media platform for marketing? Absolutely! While Pinterest may not be the most obvious social media platform for marketing, it is one of the best platforms available to drive more customers to your website. Below are four of the best tactics to use to market with Pinterest.

Create Striking Visuals

Pinterest is a visually-oriented social media platform. While you also need effective content with your images, the images themselves will be your driving force on this platform. Consider taking your own photos or designing fun graphics to boost your image quality and creativity.

Your branding guidelines can help in this area. While you don’t want all of your posts to look exactly the same, cohesive pins will create an aesthetic theme and brand your content as well. You want your viewers to connect your pins to your company so that they will not only save your pin but will also become loyal consumers.

Your visuals also need to be relevant and complement your content. One of the best aspects of Pinterest is that users can click on links to your site from your pins. However, if your image communicates something different from your content, your readers will not trust you. Your images and content should complement each other.

Organize Your Content

Organization is a key element of Pinterest. Your content should be divided into relevant boards. In doing so, users can follow your organization or specific boards. Organize your content in a logical fashion. For example, if you are a digital marketing company, you would have different boards for search engine optimization and B2B marketing. While there can be some overlap, you will have different audiences for each section. This is why you need to have consistency in your boards to effectively share content with your followers.

Implement Keywords

Keywords are another crucial part of marketing with Pinterest. In order for users to get to your content, it needs to populate for the right keywords.

In Kristen Baker’s article, “The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing,” at HubSpot she provides tips on how to implement keywords on Pinterest. Baker says that on Pinterest, keywords and phrases are related to specific niche areas. To be successful in your search engine optimization, or SEO, you should research what your niche area is.

Baker recommends searching related terms to your niche on Pinterest so you can see what populates and receive more keyword suggestions from Pinterest. She also suggests putting your keywords in these places for the best SEO results: bio, profile, board titles and descriptions, pin descriptions and image alt text.

Promote Your Content

Promoting your content is another effective tactic for marketing with Pinterest. Baker recommends promoting your inbound marketing content such as your content offers and blog posts. Pinterest lets you link your posts to your website and blog so that users can easily access your content. According to Baker, pinning an image or video with a link to your blog will both promote the blog and get more people to your site.

While Pinterest may not seem like the top platform choice for social media marketing, you should put it at the top of your list. Not only will Pinterest drive more traffic to your site, but it will also promote your brand. By focusing on creating striking visuals, organizing your content, implementing keywords and promoting your content, your organization will effectively market with Pinterest.

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