Podcasts in Public Relations

Sep 22, 2022

Podcasts have increased in popularity in the last few years. From murder mysteries and sports to movie reviews there is a type of podcast for almost any interest. Besides being fun to listen to, podcasts are a great tool in public relations. Not only do podcasts put your company on the map, but they also build your credibility as you share your expertise. Below are three reasons why you should implement podcasts in your public relations strategy.

Promotes Your Company and Builds Credibility

Whether your organization is featured on a podcast or starts its own, podcasts are perfect for promoting your company. Even if you are discussing a broad topic that is related to your organization, having the association between your voice and your company can help humanize your brand and form a connection between you and your listeners. The only downfall to this is if your feature or podcast itself does not resonate well with your listeners as they would then be unlikely to interact with your company again.

Podcasts also can help build your company’s credibility. This is especially true if you are a guest on a popular and well-renowned podcast. Not only will you reach more listeners and potential customers this way, but you will appear more credible by being associated with another credible source.

You can also build your credibility by making your own podcasts and sharing your expertise. Talk about areas related to your company or trends in the field. By adding to the conversation, you can become a resource for others and gain their trust.

Targets Your Publics

In public relations, one of your main goals is to build and maintain goodwill between your clients and the community. Podcasts can be helpful in this endeavor as you build trust and interest by providing quality content. Also, you can reach and interact with your niche audience through podcasts.

In Jody Lowe’s article, “5 Reasons To Make Podcasts Part Of Your PR Program,” she discusses how podcasts can help you reach your niche audience. According to Lowe, even if you have a smaller following on your podcast, it can still be successful as long as you’re reaching your target publics.

You should already know who your target publics are from your public relations and marketing strategies. With this information, you can research and find which topics your audience is interested in. Then, you can craft your podcast topics according to their niche interests. However, keep in mind that you should still align with your brand and company values in your podcast.

Creates More Content

Lowe also advocates for using podcasts because they can create more content for a number of media platforms. She recommends advertising your podcast or guest appearances on your website and social media platforms to gain more listeners.

This will add variety to the type of content you are producing. Also, if you are a guest on another podcast, you will likely be featured on their site or social media which will also promote your brand and put out even more content. Podcasts will also help humanize your brand because of their conversational tone. Because of this, your content will improve its effectiveness as it will relate better with your target publics.

If you were wondering if podcasts in public relations are a good idea, now you have your answer! Podcasts are perfect for promoting your company, building credibility, targeting your publics and creating quality content.

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