Print Media is Evolving, not Dying

Aug 28, 2015

marketing-movementAlmost every person has heard or believes that print media is dead, or it is dying. While it is true that less people read newspapers, magazines, and brochures, there is still an impactful use for these mediums. Within marketing, there are certain pieces of print media that are still needed to create a successful marketing strategy: business cards, magazine use, and post cards/mail.

Print Media is Evolving, not Dying

Business Cards

If you meet a potential customer, it is more likely that they will find your product/service if they have something to remind of your company. Most people dislike bulky pamphlets or brochures, and this is where a well crafter business card steps in. Business cards should have two elements to them that will provide your customer with the facts they want to know: what is your business about and how to find the business. The first element can be anything, from a well worded slogan or a perfectly descriptive image, but it is important to keep it simple and clean. The less clutter the better! The second element is the easier of the elements to provide. Simply listing your companies website, address, phone number, and email is everything a customer will be looking for.


While most people no longer read magazines from cover-to-cover, many consumers go to these reliable resources for advice on products and services. It is imperative to have a well written synopsis of the company and/or product in this magazine, with the product front and center. With time becoming a precious commodity, the product is where the focus needs to be or else the reader will lose interest within the first two lines.

In addition to that, marketing has switched gears from selling products into selling a lifestyle and magazines have been on the forefront of this movement due to their reliance on vivid imagery in a society where images are often more important than words.

Mail and Post Cards

This is often the most contested piece of print media that is “out of date.” While many people use email to send out massive amounts of information, think about how many times you check your email and have “spam” that goes directly into the trash. Fewer companies use mail and post cards to get the word out, that it has become a rather reliable method of generating leads. There is less competition in the mail industry, so the impact a single post card can provide often out-weighs the corresponding email newsletter.

Here’s the thing…

While it is important to cover all bases when marketing, including digital media, it is equally imperative to not completely eliminate print media. Print media is a tactile media, which can garner a more memorable response from a customer and allows them to physically hold something related to your company. Having this connection is becoming more and more important, allowing customers to have an attachment. While it is important to not simply rely on print media, it is to be used as a tool to push customers to digital media and hopefully a future purchase.

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