Psychology of a Great Video

Nov 6, 2017

Psychology of a Great Video - RedMoxy CommunicationsUnderstanding a little bit of psychology can really help us better understand how to go about developing a video marketing campaign. First things first, the human brain processes visuals faster than text. That should be a pretty convincing reason to start utilizing video marketing in the first place. Now, let’s get into creating more impactful content.

Psychology of a Great Video: Understanding the Power of your Video Marketing Campaign

Start with an Interesting Hook

Let’s start from the beginning. You are going to need a really interesting hook. The hook is going to be everything when it comes to a video. If people aren’t interested in the beginning, they are going to click off of it right away.

Here’s the thing, there is a part of the human brain that filters out unnecessary information. Basically, it wants to make the intake of new information more efficient. So, if information is irrelevant or already known, the brain is going to sift through it and ignore it. That means that if the entire beginning is boring, the brain is going to lose interest. That leads to a person clicking off a video.

To combat this, work on creating very interesting introductions. Find a surprising fact or an unpredictable way to begin the whole video. This will put you in a good place for the rest of your video.

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Keep it Short

Video marketing campaigns are a really, really great way to get people’s attentions. Now, they are entertaining and fun, but they can easily become too much. Research seems to show that the sweet spot for videos is somewhere between 60-90 seconds long. This length is great for explaining something in a short and simple way. Not to mention, if you are working to keep your videos this short, it is going to be pretty difficult to overload your audience with information.

Tell a Story

While making your videos, it may be helpful to take up the motto “show, don’t tell”. Stories are far more memorable than simple facts. They utilize more of the brain of the listener, especially if the senses are involved. If you explain to someone the smell of chocolate chip cookies, that increases the memorability of simple talking about chocolate chip cookies without explaining the smell.

If your story evokes feelings of empathy, then the memorability of it goes up even more. Not only that, but people are more likely to share videos that they relate with. And, shared videos means increased organic reach, and that is a wonderful thing.

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End with a Strong CTA

To wrap up your video, you are going to want to end with a strong call to action. This gets people to feel that they should act, and psychologically, they feel a sense of reward if they act on that call to action. This is really powerful for creating a positive emotional response to your videos.

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With this in mind, you should be ready to make a truly impactful video marketing campaign.