Public Relations in Milwaukee: A Guide

Oct 14, 2014

Each city, town, community, village, etc. come with its own set of anomalies when it comes to the way things are done. To illustrate…I’m currently cruising my way through Royal Pains on Netflix. Currently, Evan is struggling to figure out the finer points of a political campaign in The Hamptons. His nemesis has the system all figured out, but Evan can’t catch a break. His rival always knows a better, more profitable method at every step.

The same anomalies apply in Public Relations – each community is different from the next. While there are certainly similarities between PR tactics in various cities, there’s usually a specific brand of PR in each place. In case you haven’t had a chance to figure out public relations in Milwaukee (or are just looking to compare your tips to ours), read on. Ahead, a guide to public relations in Milwaukee. 

Public Relations in Milwaukee: A Guide

1. It’s not all about Beer and Cheese

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that public relations in Milwaukee means incorporating beer and cheese whenever possible (and then some). Milwaukee’s got a unique culture, and, sure, beer and cheese is a part of it. A part. There’s a fitness part, a creative part, a foodie part, a sports part, an organic part. Learn all the parts, and then learn how to use them to your best advantage.

2. Beer and Cheese doesn’t hurt, though

Okay, okay, beer is a big deal here in Brew City. Even if your pitches don’t fit into the beer and cheese-sphere, it’s good to note that many journalists and reporters enjoy a good happy hour. And, when in Rome…er, Milwaukee. Don’t be afraid to join in! Milwaukee is a hard-working, results-driven town, but she also likes to kick up her heels – and generally with a cold one in her hand. Insider Tip: The brewery tours here are great.

3.  Get involved in volunteerism

A lot of Milwaukee is involved in volunteerism outside of their 9 to 5. Usually, that volunteerism stems from a passion. Get involved in whatever you’re passionate about. Make friends! As usual, public relations in Milwaukee is all about who you know…but it sure is easier and more natural to meet people when you’re doing something you both love. Once you know who you know, work those connections, baby!

public relations in milwaukee

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4. More on working those connections…

Here in Milwaukee, we’re genuine. Authenticity counts for a lot here, and you’ll get a lot further if you’re authentic, too. What this means is…don’t schmooze for the sake of schmoozing. Schmooze because you’re genuinely interested in what your media contacts are about.

I’ve got more tips to help you out with public relations in Milwaukee, but the rest apply across the board, no matter what city you’re in. If you’d like to see some of those tips, check out my previous blog post here. These ones, though, these are gold in Milwaukee specifically. Have any more to add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

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