Public Relations Professionals

Dec 16, 2015

Public Relations Professionals

Your company’s reputation matters. Building a brand encompasses several different publics that need to be managed accordingly. Perception is key, and our team at RedMoxy is dedicated to helping promote and maintain your company’s brand and brand image in a positive and innovate light. We want to help you present your brand to the public.

At RedMoxy Communications, we promote you. Here’s how. 

Public Relations Professionals

At Redmoxy, we utilize a variety of different tools to help promote you. Some of our strategies include:

  •  Writing and distributing press releases Public Relations Professionals

We craft written content that promotes and conveys your message to the public, clients, and community members.

  • Researching and analyzing the industry and the competition

We remain up to date on the latest tips and tricks in inbound marketing, PR, and social media. Inbound marketing leverages platforms such as blogs, email, and social media, platforms people use every day, to learn about your organizations products and services.We study, research and explore the world of marketing opportunities both known and unknown. We strive to understand trends, research and human traits that will effect your brand. We utilize past, current and future technologies and platforms to communicate your message. We do all this and so much more in order to deliver a best-of-all, premiere and unchallenged set of options, service, knowledge and experience to our clients.

  • Copy writing and blogging

We understand the importance of SEO has for your company. By blogging, we help to increase your search engine optimization, spread awareness for your brand, and encourage customer loyalty and engagement.

  • Social media management

Promoting your brand image and engaging with your target audience cohesively helps to build positive customer relationships. We”ll work to help you create content, schedule content, and plan ahead to take your social media swag to the next level.

  • Special event creation, execution and management

Details are important. At RedMoxy, our team helps you to promote, manage, and plan events for your company. Through organization, innovation, and creativity, your next special event is sure to be a hit!

  •  Media relations

By building relationships with journalists, news anchors, bloggers, and  reporters,  we know exactly who to deliver your press release to.We build up the relationships so that when you have news that you want shouted from the mountaintops, we know exactly who to send it to. Some of our media relations strategies include identifying target media and bloggers, event pitching, news pitching, scheduling and facilitating media interviews, in addition to media tracking and measuring.

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