REDMOXY MINUTE: A Guide to Website Mapping

May 23, 2018

A Guide to Website Mapping -- RedMoxy CommunicationsThere are lots of variables that play into a poor bounce rate, so sometimes it can be challenging to figure out why site visitors aren’t staying on your site. For example, you may have written a really informative, stellar blog post that people are jumping off of in 3 seconds. There could be many reasons for this. 1. Your blog may not be written in a skimmable way, and the site visitor may feel overwhelmed. 2. The site visitor may have accidentally clicked your link and is jumping off once s/he realized what was clicked. 3. Your blog may not have its headlines bolded, so it is hard to figure out what the content is about. Those are just a few of the variables that come into play with bounce rate and blogging specifically.

A Guide to Website Mapping

One of the simplest things you can do to improve the bounce rate on your company’s website is to take a long hard look at the way your website is mapped. Websites, more than ever, need to be created for maximum efficiency. It is paramount that a site visitor is able to find information in a matter of seconds. And, when we say “able to,” we mean that you have put all your company’s information in a logical location.

If your content isn’t in a logical place, your site visitors are going to jump off your site without spending more than a few seconds looking around.

In this video, we compare website mapping to shopping in a grocery store. Check out our video and really take some time to look at the locations of your website’s information in comparison to titles and headlines. We want you to combat that bounce rate head on!

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