RedMoxy Minute [Video] Your Call to Action Strategy

Feb 20, 2017

Your Call to Action StrategyWelcome back to another RedMoxy Minute video. This time, Hannah will be walking you through your call to action strategy in 1 minute or less. She packs a lot of information into a 1-minute video, but there’s even more to learn.

Head to the RedMoxy blog to dive more deeply into this subject. On Wednesday of last week, we published a blog appropriately titled “Your Call to Action Strategy.” In this blog, we walk through the ins and outs of CTAs. It contains (just about) everything you need to know for successful usage and integration of CTAs on your website, in your emails and on your social platforms. Check out the blog post here. 

But don’t leave this page just yet! Watch the video to go for a quick introduction to the subject. Once you’ve watched this video, you’ll be primed and ready for more information on CTAs and the strategic usage of them in your company’s marketing. Ready? Click to start watching!

Your Call to Action Strategy