Revamping Your Content to Improve Relevancy

Mar 3, 2022

No one wants to read outdated content. We live in an age where information is at our fingertips, and everyone wants the latest news. One of the worst mistakes you can make on your website is keeping old content. When potential consumers come to your website they need the most current information. Otherwise, they will leave your site confused and frustrated. Here are four tips on revamping your content to improve relevancy.

Audit Your Website

How will auditing my website improve relevancy?

In order to know what content on your website needs to be updated, you need to read through all of it. While website audits can seem tiring, they are the best way to evaluate the information on your site. Are there services promoted that you no longer offer? Are there new products you barely mention? By asking these questions, you will be able to locate the areas that need to be changed.

Website audits also help evaluate your site’s organization. Look for the inconsistencies in the structure of your site. This could be anything from certain pages having a landing page and others not, to only using images on the home page. Your site needs to be cohesive and easy-to-access for your audience. If no one can find your information, your content will not matter.

Research Your Field

How can research help me revamp my content?

Research is crucial to keeping your content relevant. It is best practice to stay up-to-date on the field of your business. Whether your company is in marketing, advertising, or B2B, research is necessary for you to keep up with your competition.

Direct your research with the information you learned from your website audit. Seeing where the gaps are in your content will determine where you need to start researching. Look at your competition’s website and analyze what tactics they do and do not execute well. It is also beneficial to research your target publics. You need to understand your audience in order to provide them the products and services they need. Understanding your consumer’s behavior will help you market to them. Check out Forbes article, “14 Business Leaders Share Their Predictions For Consumer Behavior In 2022,” to learn more about consumer behavior.

Look at the Latest Trends

How can trends keep my content relevant?

Trends come and go. Once an idea or tactic catches on, it can just as quickly fade away. This is why keeping up with the latest trends is vital to relevancy. If you fail to, you could push your consumers away with irrelevant content. Now, this does not mean you have to participate in every TikTok trend. Instead, you should keep an eye on current and possible future trends in your field. When a trend comes that you believe represents your company well, go with it! Remember that maintaining your brand image is more important than following a trend, however, you can always shape a trend to fit your company’s needs.

Revamp Your Content

How can I create relevant content?

Now that you have done your research, you can start revamping your content. Use what you learned in your website audit to improve the structure and portrayal of your content. Maybe you can replace a wordy explanation with a clear graphic or break down a technical term better. Either way, use your research to inform your decisions.

Word choice is another aspect to consider when creating relevant content. Your words should speak to your intended audience. The brand personality of your business should also be taken into consideration. If you are targeting a younger population you may want to update your word choice. Words and their meanings evolve over time, so make sure you understand the words you use and their connotations.

In order to successfully revamp your content and improve relevance, research is needed. By looking at your own site, your competition’s content, and research in your field, you will be able to analyze what needs to be changed. Relevancy is vital for any business, and revamping your content is one of the best ways to achieve that.