The Right Way to Use Testimonials on Your Industrial Sector Website

Jan 23, 2019

Do testimonials matter in your industry? I believe I know the answer, even without knowing your industry. Yes, they do. That’s because, no matter whether you’re a B2B company or B2C, you use testimonials to convince website visitors to take that next step: make a purchase, request a demo, submit an RFP, etc. Testimonials, done right, are one of the best ways to make a sale. Testimonials are a “soft referral,” not a referral made in person (and so not quite as effective), but they’re still a stamp of approval that others take note of. To make the testimonials on your industrial sector website go to work for you, learn the right way to use testimonials.

There’s three key points to this blog post. I’ll list them below and then unpack them further.

#1: Use Video. 

#2: Avoid the “Testimonial Page”

#3: Always Be Looking for Testimonials

The Right Way to Use Testimonials on Your Industrial Sector Website

Key #1: Use Video

Video is one of the top website trends of 2019 – and 2018 and 2017… – and this is perfect time to dive into video marketing if you haven’t already. Videos are especially useful in testimonials because they force us to craft a story, rather than use a simple quote as the full testimonial. This method is much more impactful because everyone loves a story, so they’ll stay tuned until the end if you have a good one to share. Additionally, it’s very easy to disregard a page of pull-out testimonial quotes because people naturally don’t trust them as much. After all, we don’t know who actually wrote the testimonial. Did a client really say this exact statement? On the other hand, video is trustworthy because the viewer is getting the testimonial straight from the source.

Another point in video’s favor: not many industrial sector companies are doing them right now. If your company has a handful of high-quality, high-impact video testimonials on its website, you’re offering credibility that your competitors are not. Capitalize on this by being one of the first businesses in your industry to use video testimonials to your advantage.

Key #2: Avoid the “Testimonial Page”

Avoid the testimonial page and instead make every page a testimonial page. Here’s what I mean: instead of having a page titled “Testimonials” that is full of pull-out quotes (or, if you’ve decided to follow Key #1, video testimonials), have testimonials sprinkled throughout your site. Here’s a couple ideas:

  • Put a video testimonial in a sidebar on your Recent News or Blog page
  • Include a row of content on your home page that features a video testimonial
  • Include a testimonial at the bottom of your product page and/or service offering page. Have individual product pages? Include unique testimonials on each whenever possible.
  • Add a row of repeating content to the bottom of every page on your website, just above the footer. Rotate through testimonials here, whether in text or video format.

Site visitors don’t visit testimonial pages. But they do visit your home page, your product pages and your resource pages. Put your testimonials on pages that your website visitors are on.

Key #3: Always Be Looking for Testimonials

Firstly, ask for testimonials from customers with whom you have a great relationship. Choose the ones who love you and your industrial sector company. Choose the ones you’ve known for a long time. Pick people who are extremely comfortable with you and your company. And, if you’re doing a video testimonial, pick someone who won’t hesitate to be in front of a camera. To summarize: pick someone who isn’t going to hesitate to say yes.

Contrary to what you’re likely thinking right now, this isn’t as hard as it seems. In most cases, customers are more than happy to give you a video testimonial. After all, you’ve helped them out with their company’s needs now for years! It’s the least they can do. Honestly, that’s the response that most companies receive when they ask clients for a testimonial. Try it and see for yourself.

But, there’s additional ways to garner testimonials. Have you checked out your Google reviews lately? Is there anything there that you can pull from? Has your company won any awards in your industry? That’s a testimonial in itself. Has your customer service team received positive feedback lately? Ask them to pay attention for potential testimonials from emails or even phone calls. Don’t wait to search for testimonials because you’re redesigning your website. Be on the lookout for testimonials all the time; you’ll build up a repertoire more quickly than you’d think.

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