SEO Tips for your Company Blog

Oct 13, 2015

SEO Tips for your Company Blog

When it comes to crafting your company blog, there is more that matters than the content created. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, plays an integral role in directing traffic to your blog’s website. The better the SEO, the more people will be able to find your blog, read it, and ultimately share it! We know just how important it is to utilize SEO when posting blog content, so we’ve developed 5 quick tips to keep in mind before you post!

SEO Tips for your Company Blog

It can be easy to overlook attention to detail, but it definitely pays off in the end to make an SEO checklist for yourself before posting content. Be sure to incorporate some of these SEO tips for bloggers when making your personal SEO checklist!

1. Keywords are Key

Keywords greatly increase SEO in search engines. It is important to do the research and see what key words are popular pertaining to your topic. Once you have decided on terms that are important and relevant to your blog topic, be sure to recycle them throughout your page. This includes in the title, the body, links, and alt text. This brings us to tip number 2.

2. Utilize the Alt Text for your Images   SEO Tips for your Company Blog

Recycling keywords and titles into the alt text of included images will boost your SEO as a whole. This may seem repetitive, but rather, it is important to think of doing so as consistency. The more your topic is conveyed, the more it will turn up for users.

3. Using Internal and External Links

Including links in your post is a great way to connect with closely related topics. Your SEO now has reached a wider audience and increased the band with of its search size. PLUS, including links to other content on your site is a great way to promote your company and recycle content. How fabulous.

4.  Limit Topic Tags

Obviously you want to direct a multitude of traffic to your blog and site. However, it is important to keep a target audience in mind. Including too many tags may diminish your SEO in your desired target market. Stick to the purpose of your content and be specific. What are three or four main things that relate to your topic as a whole?

5. Maximize your Meta Description

The meta description plays an integral role in directing traffic to your website. The first five words can be the deciding factor to whether people click on the link, or continue scrolling. Recycle content from your post, but refurbish it to include your main keywords. Do so in a brief, attention getting phrase or two that will persuade audience members to read more.

Have additional questions about how to enhance your website’s SEO? We’re here to help.

SEO Tips for your Company Blog