RedMoxy’s team has an extensive, experience-driven range of marketing know-how and specialties skillfully applied to optimize a project’s success.

Web Design

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced web developers, designers and programmers. Our continued success demonstrates the results of our process of listening to our clients’ needs and goals while studying their market and planning for excellence. Our website projects are tailored to what our clients’ needs are, big or small. Our team can build a web presence that you’re proud to show off and proves itself a tremendous asset in sales efforts.


  • Industrial focus
  • User-Friendly and responsive web design
  • Artist, creative and clean design
  • SEO-focused design
  • Multiple platforms and custom builds
  • Brand integration
  • E-Commerce catalogs and stores
  • Full website management



Application Development

Our team has brought many varied application and software visions to life for our clients. We’re able to build for your needs from mobile apps to custom SAAS platforms. Our team has years of experience taking our clients’ goals and adding the essential building blocks and development process behind it to produce results-exceeding applications. 


  • Industrial based apps

  • Custom builds

  • Software stack flexibility for industrial focus

  • UX/UI experience for industrial

  • Expert management team



Digital Marketing

Successful Industrial digital marketing strategies span many platforms and approaches. RedMoxy’s experts plan and execute winning strategies that bring results.

  • Smart growth strategies

  • Social Media management

  • Web and UX/UI

  • Applications and platforms

  • Automation and workflow

  • Web-focused strategy

  • SEO planning and execution

  • E-Commerce product catalogs

  • PPC and search marketing




Strategy, research and platform cohesiveness. We give industrial businesses a brand-focused leadership team to perfect their projection and ensure the way they look to their market is exceeding their goals.

  • Research and analysis
  • Brand strategy and deployment
  • Industrial brand platform
  • Competitive analysis
  • Industrial digital transformation
  • Identity and brand management




We locate and exploit market gaps for our clients regularly to bring them awareness, traffic and returns they we invisible to previously.

  • SEO strategy and planning

  • Ongoing execution

  • Influencer and alternative reach

  • Onsite and Offsite strategies

  • Website SEO audits

  • SEO plans for small and large

  • Local, regional and national focused plans

  • PPC and SEM creative and management

  • SEO for industrial



Client Services

Our team knows your needs and what makes your organization unique and successful in your market, and we support you to keep that true across all marketing fronts.

  • Local and responsive management

  • Hosting and management

  • Security

  • Backups and DR

  • Technology audits and service

  • Content creation

  • Response and lead management

  • Technology training

  • Brand and market consultation



Focus Marketing

We bring a fresh and creative approach to our clients’ messaging, visuals and energy that delivers a true refresh to their brand and oftentimes, to their entire market.

  • Communication strategy

  • Complete creative

  • Media planning

  • Social media management

  • Content creative and development

  • Lead development strategies and execution

  • Public relations



Industrial B2B

Our years of focused industrial experience have taught us a trick or two for our clients. We can bring wins where others can’t in sales enablement, trade show design, E-commerce catalogs and much more.

  • Sales enablement

  • Marketing planning, execution and reporting

  • Website management

  • E-Commerce product catalogs

  • Quote request management

  • Complete tradeshow design and fulfillment

  • Frontline and chain marketing

  • Website globalization and microsite



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