Short-Form Videos Versus Long-Form Videos

Jul 26, 2022

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular with consumers. Between TikTok, Instagram reels and YouTube there is a video-watching platform for everyone. While there is an increased desire for video content, it can be challenging to decide which form of video best suits your company’s and consumers’ needs. Keep reading to learn how to determine whether short-form video, long-form video or both are the right decision for your organization.

The Difference Between Short-Form and Long-Form Videos

The difference between short-form and long-form videos is pretty obvious. However, this difference is seen not only between the various lengths of the videos but also in the type of content used.

There is some debate about the exact length of short-form and long-form videos. The general time frame of short-form videos is typically under 10 minutes, whereas the time frame of long-form videos is over 10 minutes. However, some like to break the timing down even further by defining short-form videos as being 30 seconds to one minute long.

The platform you use will also dictate the length of your videos. However, some platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are working to incorporate both types of videos into their media.

In Sproutbox’s article, “Video Content: Short-Form Vs. Long-Form,” they discuss the distinctions between short-form and long-form videos in terms of content. According to Sproutbox, you should use short-form videos when you want to engage with your audience, promote and socialize. In contrast, use long-form videos when you want to develop relationships, tell a story and advertise, says Sproutbox.

However, these aspects of short-form and long-form videos can intersect depending on your audience and your marketing goals. Therefore, make sure you have a clear understanding of your target publics before you start making content.

Short-Form Video: Short & Sweet

When making short-form videos, the best practice is to be concise and to the point. Most media consumers who watch short-form videos have a short attention span. This is why you need to communicate your message quickly and in a unique way to stand out from the competitors.

How, though, can you make your short-form videos concise and creative? When planning out your content, first think about what you want your audience to do with that content. If you want to engage with your audience, try incorporating the current trends in your content. You can also do this for promoting your products or services, however, in this case, make sure your message does not get lost.

Humanizing your brand is another great strategy for short-form and even long-form videos as well. In order for your audience to understand your company and its mission, they need to see the people behind the scenes. This way, your watchers can form connections with the real people of your brand.

Long-Form Video: Connect & Convert

Long-form videos are perfect for storytelling and making connections. By having more time to have a conversation and dive into your content, you can generate more quality connections with your audience.

When creating your long-form video content, think about what action you want your watchers to take after watching the video. While you don’t want to come across as too pointed in your video, especially if your focus is on relationship building, it is helpful for you and your audience to know what the next steps to take should be.

While long-form videos allow more time than short-form videos, you still need to have concise content. If you drone on and on about a topic with no point, your audience will become bored and exit out of your video. Especially with the influx of short-form videos, you need to be creative and engaging in your content to hold your audience’s attention. To do this, have an eye-catching title and intriguing introduction. Just make sure you do not fall into the trap of clickbait because if you deceive your audience about the type of content, they will not trust you.

Short-form videos and long-form videos both have their advantages and disadvantages. While shorter videos can grab attention, they may not be able to form the quality of connections as longer videos and vice versa. In the end, either content form can aid your marketing strategy as long as you understand whom you are targeting with your videos.

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