Social Media Marketing: The Impact of Influencers

May 10, 2022

Influencers have taken over the social realm. Whether it be on YouTube, Instagram, or even Facebook, influencers are changing the marketing game. Just as their title suggests, influencers hold a great deal of influence over their followers and social media trends. If you want to keep up with the shifting trends, utilizing influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to do so. Below are three tactics that show the impact of influencers in social media marketing along with tips on how to integrate influencer marketing into your own strategies.

Choose Your Platform Wisely

How is the impact of influencers seen on platforms like TikTok and Instagram?

When first looking into influencer marketing, you first need to consider what social media platforms you want to use. There are influencers everywhere, but you need the right fit not only with the person and their brand, but also when considering the platform you want to use.

This all ties back to audience analysis. See what social media platforms your target publics frequent, and then work from there. Maybe you are trying to target a younger audience so you try to connect with an influencer on TikTok. Or maybe, there is an influencer who has gained traction on Facebook that you think would be a great fit for promoting your company. The main aspect to keep in mind is that the platform and influencer need to complement your company.

Connect with Similar Brands

How can connecting with the right influencer impact your brand?

Influencers have their own brand. While their brand may not be as full-fledged as your company’s, most influencers have created a brand representation of themselves whether it be through their name or the content they create. In order to best utilize influencer marketing, find an influencer whose brand values are similar to your own. If the company and the influencer do not complement each other, customers will only be confused. You don’t want an influencer who loves vegan products representing a company that sells animal byproducts–that wouldn’t be a good decision for the company or the influencer.

Therefore, when choosing an influencer to represent your company, make sure that your values and goals align. You also need to choose an influencer who targets a similar, if not the same, audience as you. Otherwise, this marketing strategy will be useless if you are promoting your company to a public that will not be interested. However, if the audiences are similar or the same, depending on the influencer, your brand awareness will skyrocket. Try to find an influencer with an already loyal following because then, when the influencer promotes your brand, their followers will be more inclined to purchase your products or services because they trust the influencer’s judgment and taste.

Frame Your Messaging Accordingly

How is the impact of influencers seen in how my company frames its messaging?

Once you have established the platform being used and the brand of the influencer, then you can work on framing your messages. Consider how you want to implement influencer marketing in your strategies. Do you want the messaging to be purely promotional? Or do you want content that will focus more on public relations?

While all your messaging does not need to revolve around what content the influencer is creating, there needs to be a cohesive theme. Customers should be able to see similarities between your website and social media. Therefore, make sure that when you implement influencers in your marketing strategy, that the rest of your marketing tactics align with your methodology as well.

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Influencers have not only taken over the digital world, but they have also greatly impacted marketing. In order to use influencer marketing successfully, choose your platforms wisely, connect with similar brands, and frame your messages accordingly.

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