Social Media Platforms to Avoid for Industrial Businesses

Feb 1, 2019

In 2019, it is virtually impossible to avoid having a social media presence of some kind. Many times, the social media strategy a business decides to stick to depends on the nature of the business itself. A fast food chain is likely to opt for platforms that emphasize images, such as Instagram and Snapchat. Conversely, a business such as a law firm may want to have a larger presence on a social media platform more well known for its professionalism, such as LinkedIn. Industrial businesses need a social media presence as well, and a good one can only improve its outlook. While there are several social media platforms that would be ideal to for promoting your industrial business, there are others that just don’t have great potential to help you grow. Read further to find out which platforms are better left avoided.

Social Media Platforms to Avoid for Industrial Businesses


Snapchat is certainly becoming a highly popular social media platform, especially within the United States. In fact, one study found that more than 3 billion Snapchat videos and photos are created per day – that’s right – 3 BILLION. Many businesses have used Snapchat to connect with the huge audience using this medium. They will post to the official company story, pay for advertising space, and create fun filters for users to enhance their snaps. However, Snapchat is primarily used by people under the age of 34. In fact, 78% of users in the United States are between the ages of 18-24 years old. Seeing as though many individuals within this age group are college-aged, it is unlikely many are interested in connecting with industrial businesses since many industrial businesses’ social media efforts are directed toward B2B interactions. There are some ways to implement Snapchat, but for an industrial business, it’s not a great place to start.


Many businesses have hopped aboard the Twitter bandwagon since its inception. Its claim to fame is its propensity for delivering information in real-time, or, as close to real-time as you can get. Twitter has become a huge boon to businesses like professional sports teams, clothing and apparel companies, and for celebrities and famous individuals to connect with their fans. Not as many tweets are sent out as snaps, but still, Twitter can boast that 500 million are sent per day as of 2018. If you take a look at a Twitter feed, though, it just feels…cluttered. Perhaps the biggest issue with Twitter is that virtually all platform activity takes place on mobile devices – 80% of users do so, to be exact. This places severe limitations on audiences that do not rely solely on mobile devices for information gathering. It’s great to have a Twitter presence for your industrial business, but it would not be recommended to have it exist as the primary account.

Platforms to Emphasize

Does this article mean any industrial businesses using Snapchat and Twitter are hurting their online presence? Absolutely not. As mentioned earlier, you can find creative ways to make use of these platforms to boost the brand. However, we recommend some other ones to focus on, including LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Instagram, and YouTube. Facebook continues to maintain its lead as the most popular social media platform in the world. Instagram can be a simple way of displaying your business with stunning imagery. YouTube is becoming wildly popular for do-it-yourself videos and entertainment: keep in mind that it’s always easier for a user to watch a video and be told information than it is for this user to read through the article in text form.

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