Spark Your Creativity with These Tips

Apr 17, 2015

Spark Your Creativity with These TipsWe’re almost at the weekend, and the anticipation is hanging in the air. You want to get out and about, roaming around in the beautiful weather we’ve been having (at least here, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Maybe you’re feeling a little burnt out from the week, and you have no idea how two measly days are going to bring you back, refreshed and ready to go, on Monday morning.

This is an especially troubling problem when you work in the world of creativity, as most of us marketers do. Sometimes it takes more than a weekend to spark your creativity again. Where will you get your blog ideas for next week? What imagery will you use in the infographic for Wednesday? How should we present that case study to the board? Spark your creativity with these tips and find the answers to these questions and more. 

Spark Your Creativity with These Tips

1. Read something inspiring.

2. Watch a TED Talk.

3. Get on the phone – call home, Grandma, a friend, a colleague

4. Go for a run.

5. Make a list.

6. Cross items off a list (productivity clears the mind).

7. Wake up early.

8. Stay up late.

9. Create something terrible.

10. Go to sleep.

11. Look to other industries.

12. Look at your rivals.

13. Listen to music. And only listen.

14. Work at a hobby.

15. Research something for fun.

16. Go on a hike.

17. Sit outside. Is it dark? Look at the stars.

18. Just start. Whatever it is, just start it.

There’s many, many different techniques for bringing the creativity back into your life. For me, I distinctly remember being stuck on a paragraph while writing my Senior Thesis. I had no idea where to take the next paragraph. I got frustrated and decided to go on a run to clear my head. Ten minutes in, a brilliant idea popped into my head.

Creative ideas will come to you in surprising ways. Try out our list of ways to spark your creativity and find which one really resonates with you.

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