Spreading Social Media Cheer

Dec 14, 2015

Spreading Social Media Cheer

December is flying by in the blink of an eye. Don’t miss out on your chance to spread some Holiday cheer while simultaneously promoting your business on its various social media platforms. There are a multitude of ways to repurpose content, brand your business, and engage with customers this season. It’s time to dust off your social shelves, and make way for new decorations to brighten up your social strategy.

Spreading Social Media Cheer

According to simplymeasured.com, 80% of shoppers said they engaged with a retailer or brand through digital channels before going to a store, and 78% of consumers used the internet for holiday research last year. Interesting enough, 67% of shoppers purchased a gift they found on social media and 65% of shoppers in general use social media to find the perfect gift. That being said, it is important to put an increased amount of attention to your social platforms. We’ve worked as the elves behind the scenes to give you some of our shiny new tips on Spreading Social Media Cheer this month.

Be Selective

Though you may typically spread yourself thin across a variety of social sites, be selective in choosing the best platforms. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram tend to parlay the heaviest amount of traffic pertaining to holiday sales. However, do what works best for your company. It depends on whether you are aimed at providing goods or services. Know your target audience, and use the social platforms that are most suited for that audience.

Emphasize Promotions Spreading Social Media Cheer

A great way to double up and spread holiday cheer and gain new followers on your social media platforms is to formulate exclusive online media promotions. An example of this would be to emphasize a special giveaway for the next ten followers, etc, or having one lucky person to like or share a promotion post be entered in a drawing to receive a discount or other giveaway. By emphasizing exclusive online promotions, you can help your posts to become more accessible online, share your brand, and increase traffic and customer loyalty.

 Use Images

The Holidays are a time when many focus on the emotions of family, giving, and sentimentality. Evoke these emotions through the use of images and other media graphics. With many color schemes and Holiday decor surrounding stores, websites, and media, incorporating accents and images into your media posts can aid you on your journey to Spreading Social Media Cheer this December.

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Spreading Social Media Cheer