What exactly is a strategy and why do I need it?

Mar 21, 2014

Have you ever seen a construction team build a house without consulting a set of blueprints? Or a teacher instruct kindergarteners all year without having a lesson plan? Or actors put on a performance without memorizing the cues? Or bakers create a wedding cake without opening a cookbook?

But I bet you have seen Facebook posts without the backing of a strategy behind it.

It’s an all-too common sight, and just as unfortunate and disastrous as a builder constructing a home without first creating (and then consulting) blueprints. Without a strategy, your posts and tweets are lacking a bigger, greater purpose.

Strategy is the key to achieving organizational goals in a method that aligns with organizational objectives. The set of tactics within a strategy are all geared towards one goal: the growth and success of the company. Unless you’re not striving for the growth and success of your company, you are hampering your efforts on social platforms when posting and tweeting without a strategy.

A good strategy cannot be determined after one discussion. A good strategy requires thorough, in-depth discovery of the organization and its mission, objectives, and expectations. It requires open and consistent communication and includes multiple cross-checks to ensure accurate perceptions and exemplary service and results.

It doesn’t have to be big, and it doesn’t have to be elaborate. But you do have to sit down and think about it. What do you want your posts to do? What type of content do you want to push? How often do you want to tweet?

Most importantly, track your results. Without analytics, how will you know if your strategy is working?

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