Stuck for Blog Topic Ideas? 7 Ways to Generate Blog Topics

Mar 25, 2015

Stuck for Blog Topic Ideas? 7 Ways to Generate Blog Topics

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Believe me when I tell you that you will never run out of blog topics. You might go through some dry spells when it feels like you won’t be able to find a thing to write about, but that will pass. You’ll find that it’s easy to blog consistently and frequently – and with engaging, educational content to boot!

Today, we have a list of 7 ways to generate blog topics. You won’t ever be stuck for blog topic ideas again: you can say “goodbye” to writer’s block!

 7 Ways to Generate Blog Topics

1. See What You Know

You know a lot of information about the industry your company is in, and your co-workers know a lot, too. Sit down and talk with different departments in your company. For example, what does customer service know about the business that you don’t know? Better yet – what common questions do they receive from your customers? You’re trying to attract searchers to your website by answering common questions on your blog, so the information customer service can provide you is like gold.

2. Take Bits of Information from Other Information

Do you have a nice infographic on your site? Or perhaps you created an ebook for your clients to download. Excerpt information from content sources that you’ve already created.

3. Shiny & New

Cover the shiny & new. What’s happening in your industry? Put your own spin on it and get the information out to your clients.

4. Head to Your Competitors’ Sites

Look to your competitors for inspiration! What are they writing about?

5. Head to Your Social Media

What are your customers talking about on social media? What topics really drive engagement?

Secondarily, use your social media platforms to drive the question back to your audience. Ask them what they want to read about. Use the answers as blog-writing fodder.

6. Historical Posts

As in, look back at the old, old posts on your site. Is it time to revisit any of those topics? Update those posts by including new, timely information.

Hint: Your most popular posts way back then will likely be your most popular posts now.

7. Dive Deeper

Check out what you’ve been blogging about recently. Is there a way to dive deeper into the topic? Sometimes one blog posts provides inspiration for many more future posts.

Which of these tips is your favorite? Do you have your own tips and tricks that we should know about? Leave us a comment below!

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