T-Lon Products

Jun 10, 2022


T-Lon Products has been designing and manufacturing seals for over 30 years. Their constant focus on quality, customers and innovation in engineering has appropriately earned them a reputation of seal manufacturing excellence.

T-Lon has earned this excellent reputation over the last decade in seal manufacturing and service by continually upholding a high standard and a performance that delivers. However, T-Lon’s website and marketing efforts had been neglected and did not represent the market leader they had become. T-Lon needed a website that showcased their capabilities, size and customer-focused service. But beyond a website, T-Lon needed a partner they could turn to for brand strategy and development, marketing strategy and execution. Additionally, they needed a remote team able to understand and deliver their story to an audience they were struggling to reach.

RedMoxy spent time working with T-Lon’s thought leaders, engineers, machinists and everyone else who owned a piece of their story. Our mission ever before us: to empower and then unleash the voice of T-Lon’s manufacturing expertise while still showcasing the warmth and rarity of their customer-centric approach in an otherwise sterile industry.

Our team delivered an eye-opening and highly innovative website: refreshing and inspiring while increasing tenfold its usability through a modern, mobile design and a full-featured catalog. Instead of their once nearly invisible and stale website, T-Lon’s new website has raised expectations in a competitive market and placed them well ahead of global leaders in design and functionality.

Furthermore, RedMoxy’s process has yielded a strong brand resurgence for T-Lon. Brand guides, ID development and unified and audience-aware messaging is now driving T-Lon ahead. They have been much more effective in communicating within their industry and directing their leads to a knock-out, lead-machine website.

RedMoxy’s experience in marketing and branding for manufacturers allowed us to understand and highlight T-Lon’s distinctiveness within their industry. Our process, which is always unique to each client, permitted us to strike gold in T-Lon’s case with a website that generates sales. The locating, strengthening and deployment of T-Lon’s high-tuned brand and voice understands and wisely engages with its real audiences and those of its competition.

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