A TED Talk We Love

Sep 4, 2017

A TED Talk We Love - RedMoxyAt RedMoxy, we strongly believe in the value of learning and constant growth. We encourage our employees to continue to develop their skills so that they can grow to be stronger professionals and so that our clients can get an even better service. Life is too short to not be expanding that grey matter! We encourage all of you to continue with this same idea of growth, so we want to share with you a TED Talk we love.

A TED Talk We Love: A New Way to Approach Marketing

The Tribes We Lead is a talk done by Seth Godin that centers around the idea of social change and marketing. He looks into the past and at some of the old marketing models that businesses use. Then, he takes a look into our present culture — the era of Internet and social media.

Seth Godin argues that these days people are looking for connections. Social media allows for those connections to be made. So, people search for other people that are like them. They look for organizations that support the principles that they stand for. They follow celebrities that care about the same causes and charity organizations that they do. Social media has changed our goals when it comes to businesses and purchase behavior.

Humanize Your Brand

Now, you may be thinking, how does this affect my business? Well, it affects you quite a bit. See, if it really is true that people are striving for connections, then you have to make your organization one that people feel they can connect with. You have to focus on making your organization personal. It is easy to let customer service slip to the wayside, but connecting with customers is a powerful way that you can build relationships. It also increases the likelihood that people will say good things about your company, and word of mouth marketing is powerful stuff!

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Build Your Social Media Presence

This talk also solidifies the idea that your business needs a strong social media presence. With how popular the Internet is, it is absolutely essential that you are up and on it with your social media. Social media offers you a chance to step into the lives of people every single day. You can remind them of your organization’s existence, and you can engage with them. Engaging with them not only increases your organic reach, but it also shows people that your company cares about more than just money. You want to be personal and helpful, too. Trust us, social media does wonders.

If you use your platforms right, you can reach a huge audience and receive feedback directly from the people who care most about your brand — your fans and followers. We have lots of resources for you related to social media, so be sure to check those out below.

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Well, what are you waiting for? Check out this video! It should give you an out-of-the-box way to approach marketing that we think is really helpful. So, check out this video and shift your marketing paradigm a little. Now, more than ever, marketing is about building connections. Do your best to figure out how your organization can do that.

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