Telemarketing in 2019? How to Use Telemarketing Effectively

Jun 21, 2019

Telemarketing in 2019? We’ve all been annoyed by bothersome calls from telemarketers, trying to sell us things we don’t want, at the worst possible time—every time. However, contrary to popular belief, telemarketing can still be used effectively, especially by B2B companies. Read on to learn about how to use telemarketing effectively in 2019.

Telemarketing benefits:

There must be something in telemarketing that keeps companies utilizing it across all industries. Telemarketing has been used for a while due to its many benefits. Its key benefits transcend industries and years:

  • Customers provide direct feedback.
  • You only pay for the phone bill and your callers’ paychecks.
  • Your company’s territory increases.
  • You gain real-time results.
  • It builds relationships in B2B marketing.

Tips for telemarketing effectively:

Some basics of telemarketing haven’t changed over the years. These fundamentals are easy to incorporate into your telemarketing strategy.

  • Provide a script for your callers. A script prepares for common conversations and problems. These scripts should be simple, clear, and informative. You don’t want to overpower your listener, however. I’m sure we’ve all been on the side of a telemarketing call where we are deluged with words about products or services that we don’t understand. A caller who is gently guided by a script but not controlled by it comes across as a much more pleasant conversationalist.
  • Smile! We feel smiles through the phone. Just as in person, we are more likely to be engaged in a conversation with someone who is smiling back at us. In the same way, even if we can’t see it, we can feel the smile and openness over the phone. This crosses over to telemarketing as well.
  • Focus on good manners. Manners matter even over the phone. In fact, they might matter even more over the phone. Since the speakers can’t see each other, pleasant manners enrich the caller’s experience. Consequently, practicing politeness improves your company’s image. This is because it creates a more positive environment for all involved in the phone call.

Telemarketing in 2019? How to Use Telemarketing Effectively

Telemarketing in 2019 works well if it is thoughtfully done. Incorporating the benefits of telemarketing and the tips from the past with new and holistic marketing strategies works in this day and age. Make sure to add telemarketing to a complete marketing strategy that includes digital and print platforms as well.

In addition, telemarketing carries business work over to person-to-person contact. Personal connection between your company and others is a key component of relationship marketing. Keep reading for effective, new ideas to consider as you use telemarketing in 2019.

Do it yourself:

One way to utilize telemarketing in your 2019 company is to do the calling yourself. If you have a small company, it might be more cost effective for you to do your own calling. If telemarketing for a B2B company, you can use your personal contacts in your network to call others in your industry. This functions effectively because it allows other companies to put a voice to your company’s name and website.

Work from home:

If you decide to hire others to do your telemarketing, consider letting your callers work remotely. Employees’ productivity commonly grows in a home environment. This is because the comfort of home provides a safe space for callers to do their work.

Set the mood:

While engaging in telemarketing, setting the mood is important. Set the mood by conversing in a natural and calm manner. In recent years, companies are emphasizing authenticity even more. Specifically, show your company’s authenticity by being natural in your tone as you speak on the phone. This catches your phone partner’s attention. Especially if you are contacting another company through a mutual contact, converse in a personal way. You’ll want to get to know who you’re talking to so you can continue a relationship with them and their company.

Overall, in telemarketing today—work to create connection—not just conversation. To implement effective telemarketing, take the tips above and then talk to us at RedMoxy. We’ll work through effective marketing strategies for your company.