Telling Your Brand’s Story

Sep 12, 2016

A photo by Dustin Lee. art of storytelling is an ancient and beloved practice that has been entertaining people for centuries. It is powerful tool that businesses can use to build relationships with its clients. If you can write a good story that resonates with the client, you will have built a relationship or strengthened a connection that already existed. Businesses often overlook this marketing opportunity or disregard it as “fluff” material, but it is one of the most effective ways of capturing the attention of your audience. 

Telling Your Brand’s Story

What exactly does it mean to tell the story of your brand? It does not mean creating a timeline and giving the reader a play by play of everything that has happened in your business since its creation. Instead, select highlights. Explain how the company came to be and what gap it was designed to fill. Describe how and why your product or service was conceived. The “About Us” page might be the best place to feature this story, but chose the place that fits best.

Colorful writing will help your cause tremendously. You are painting a picture. Collect stories from employees of the business. You might find an anecdote that would provide your story the perfect personal touch. You must walk the line between creativity and simplicity. Too many details will crowd out the message, so be direct in conveying the core message of yout story. Decide what this overlying message will be, and shape the rest of the content around it. You can certainly share your successes, but your struggles or humble beginnings will be far more relatable and play to the audience’s emotions. Consider the reason for telling the story. Is it meant to inspire the reader? Touch them? Motivate them?

Brand storytelling is ultimately not about the business or its staff. It is about the value that your business is providing its clients. Step out of the shoes of a marketer, and look at your business as just a person. Now is not the time to be so polished that all transparency and honesty is lost. Storytelling is a conversational activity. Your brand story should feel like a conversation between two people, as if you’re meeting up with a new friend to chat over a cup of coffee.