The #1 Way to Beat the (Writer’s) Block

Jun 16, 2016

A Quick-Guide to Social Media ObjectivesIf I go right ahead and tell you the #1 way to beat writer’s block right now, will you promise to keep reading the rest of this blog?

Okay. Here goes.

The #1 way to beat the (writer’s) block is to stop writing. 


You might be feeling a little confused right now. After all, how can one expect to beat writer’s block if you give up on writing entirely? Let me tell you a quick story…I think it’ll be more clear once I do.

One weekend when I was in undergrad, I spent almost an entire Saturday working on a researched paper for the writing class I was in. After nearly a whole day of researching and writing paragraph after paragraph, I was stumped. I had no idea how to connect my main argument with the research I had already done. I was agonizing over it: would my entire Saturday be wasted by work that wouldn’t even be used?  You know what I decided to do? Go on a run.

I had to get out of my apartment. I had been there all day. I needed fresh air and a change of (literal) pace.

About five minutes into my run, inspiration hit me. I HAD it. The perfect way to connect my research with my central argument.

It’s said that Archimedes (Greek mathematician) made major breakthroughs in his mathematical theories while in the bathtub. (He supposedly shouted “Eureka!” as one great idea came to him, coining the term for the rest of humanity.) The point is…sometimes you need to take a break. If you’re not coming up with any great ideas for your next blog post (or even a mediocre idea), take a step back. Work on something else for awhile. Go to lunch. Take a walk outside. Give your mind a break for a minute. 

Of course, if you’re under a deadline, you may only be able to step away for a minute or so. But, I promise you, that minute will make all the difference.