The Best Corporate Blogs and Why They’re Successful

Aug 13, 2014

Even when you know the importance of blogging and are sincerely committed to making your company’s corporate blog successful, it can be difficult to find…inspiration. Are you hitting the right tone? Does your content appeal to your audience? Luckily, there’s plenty of successful corporate blogs out there in the World Wide Web, and if you model your blog on one of these, you’ll be sure to start out on the right path.

The Best Corporate Blogs and Why They’re Successful

To save you time searching for the best corporate blogs all on your own, we’ve compiled a list for you. We’ve picked from a variety of industries, so, rest assured, no matter what your industry, there’s a niche in the blogosphere for you.

Whole FoodsBest Corporate Blogs

I’ve loved the Whole Story blog for a long time now, Whole Foods’ fun blog (they also have two corporate blogs). The content is on point for their brand (think healthy, wholesome, family-friendly) and is fitting for each time of the year. Right now, for example, Whole Story is focusing on lunches—how to make back-to-school lunch healthy and hearty for your children. I’m warning you, you might just find yourself coming back to this blog, not for blog inspiration, but for the recipes!

GarminBest Corporate Blogs

Garmin’s blog scores a thumbs up in our book because of the variety of content. It features news stories, product updates, how-tos for the average user, recaps of events…and more. It’s the kind of blog that folks keep coming back to, since they never know what to expect.

CiscoBest Corporate Blogs

Cisco’s blog may not be as exciting as Whole Foods’ and Garmin’s, but it is great at
what it does. The main page is clean and well-organized, with easy share buttons. A Featured Post at the top of the page receives the most attention, so it makes sense that they created multimedia to add to the excitement. Cisco’s blog is a good example of any one, selling anything being able to blog, and to blog successfully.

Manpower GroupBest Corporate Blogs

Is there a fun way to blog about law? Yes, there is, and Manpower Group’s The Employment Blawg is showing us how. The Employment Blawg tells you “everything you want to know about employment law (but didn’t want to pay a lawyer to ask).” It’s on summer break for right now, but the clear, concise content, accompanied by relevant graphs and images, is worth checking back in for.

BMWBest Corporate Blogs

As you can imagine, the BMW blog features many, many BMWs. Check out this blog for an example of great imagery. The pictures are vibrant and attention-grabbing, but they also work well in the layout and content of the blog. For example, the “How To Change The Oil In Your BMW M3 – Castrol EDGE TWS 10W/60” blog post features step-by-step imagery for changing the oil. Even better, a video also accompanies the text. BMW has been blogging for a while now, and they’ve got the system down pat.

Southwest AirlinesBest Corporate Blogs

If you’re looking for a fun way to connect with your audience while still focusing on your company, look to Nuts about Southwest. Today’s post is a Q & A style; a Southwest employee answers a previously submitted question from regular readers. What a good idea! See more of Southwest’s posts for further inspiration.

We have so many other excellent examples of the best corporate blogs to share with you, but we have to stop somewhere. Plus, it’s time for lunch. If you’re still hungry for more, check out Simply Zesty’s original post “The 40 Best Corporate Blogs in the World.”