The Impact of Social Media on SEO

Oct 27, 2022

While social media and search engine optimization, SEO, may not seem like they have much in common, by joining forces in your marketing strategy, you can reach more of your target publics. Your social media marketing should complement your SEO and vice versa. However, will this have much impact on my marketing efforts overall? Below are three areas that show the impact of social media on SEO with tips and tricks on how to implement these tactics in your own strategies.

Content and Links

Linking to your website in your social media bios can help boost your SEO. In Kipp Bodnar’s article, “The Complicated Relationship Between Social Media and SEO,” at HubSpot he relays that while links in posts do not carry any SEO authority, the links in your bios do. Therefore, make sure you promote using that link in your posts to get your followers to use the link ad boost your website’s SEO authority.

Bodnar also suggests creating intriguing content your followers will want to share. In doing so, you can build inbound links, says Bodnar. He also recommends gathering more followers by engaging them with your content. This will help grow your reach and the potential to build more links through your content.


Trends are another way that shows the impact of social media on SEO. Sandra Potisek discusses this in her article, “How Social Media Trends Can Influence Your SEO,” at Moz. She says that trends influence what people search for as they look for those trending topics online as well as on social media. Therefore, according to Potisek, you can optimize your content for a trend and will then have a higher likelihood of ranking better for that content.

Potisek also recommends creating supporting content based on trends. Now, how you approach this will depend on your brand. Think about how you can use the trend while still maintaining your branding. If you go too far, you will only confuse your readers. However, if you have a seamless integration of supporting content, your SEO could skyrocket overnight. Consider writing an article about products a trending influencer may like that your company sells or even write an article about a trending activity that ties into your products or brand overall. While trends do come and go, you can create content that will boost your SEO and still be relevant after the buzz dies down.


Quality relationships illustrate the impact of social media on SEO as well. As Bodnar discusses in his article, having relationships can boost your links as people will be more likely to link to your content on their site or blog if they trust your company. Social media can help you build that trust and grow the relationship.

To do so, interact with your followers! Respond to their comments and questions. Let them know that you care about their opinions and feelings. By doing so, you not only gain a more loyal customer base, but you will also improve the likelihood of followers linking back to you. You should also tailor your social media content to suit your customers’ needs. No one will link to an article that they cannot relate to or find useful. Therefore, make sure you have a clear understanding of who your audience is and how you can best reach them.

All in all, it is clear to see the impact of social media on SEO. While it may not be obvious at first, social media can positively affect your SEO. Through content, links, trends relationships you can boost your SEO strategy by using social media.

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