The Value of Design in B2B Marketing

Nov 10, 2022

The B2B industry gets the wrong reputation for not being creative. However, this is far from the truth. B2B marketing thrives on creativity, specifically in the area of design. While B2B creative and design choices may vary from other industries, these aspects are still apparent and relevant in B2B. There are two areas that B2B design is the most apparent: websites and social media. Below is an analysis of the value of design in B2B marketing for websites and social media.

Website Design

What role does website design have in B2B marketing?

Design is a crucial aspect of B2B websites. To best reach your target publics, your website needs to be not only easy to navigate, but also easy to digest. This includes the organization of your website along with its purpose.

In Brent Adamson’s article, “18 Best B2B Website Examples & How to Design a Great B2B Website,” at HubSpot he discusses three ways to design a successful B2B website. He first recommends making the website about the customers, not about you. What this means is that instead of shamelessly promoting your company, you should focus on bringing in your customer for a conversation, says Adamson. This does not mean you should not promote your company on your website, however, your goal should be to let the customer know that you understand them.

Adamson next recommends emphasizing your customer’s outcomes and helping your customers accomplish what they need to on your site. When designing your website, organize your content in a way that is the most customer-friendly. Nothing is more frustrating for customers than not being able to find what they need on a website. Adamson says to use similar language to the outcomes your customers want and will help create a more user-friendly design.

The look of your website should be as polished as the organization of your website. When designing your website, make sure you are following your brand guidelines to create a cohesive image throughout all of your content. The design should also complement your content, not overtake it. A clear and easy-to-navigate website is the best way to reach your target publics.

Social Media Design

How does social media design impact B2B marketing?

Social media design is integral to design in B2B marketing as well. Martina Bretous provides design tips for social media design in her article, “7 Tips for Designing a Social Media Page That Stands Out,” at HubSpot. She recommends being cohesive and consistent and following your brand guidelines. To do so, Bretous suggests using social media templates to stay consistent in your design and to make sure your content aligns with your brand. Sites such as Canva have a number of templates you can use, however, if you have a graphic designer, utilize their skills to elevate your social media design further.

Bretous also says to stay consistent in your social media profile itself. She says that if you have multiple accounts, you should have the same profile and cover photos to create a cohesive image. Then, your customers will be able to clearly recognize your company on any platform you use.

Social media has a greater emphasis on visual marketing. You can also include striking photos or fun infographics in your content. Just make sure that you stick to your branding guidelines in all of your content. Social media also allows you to have more fun with your content and communicate with your audience in a different medium. Your design choices are key to not only grabbing your audience’s attention, but also in keeping it.

All in all, design is integral in B2B marketing. By having an organized website and a striking social media campaign, your company’s marketing strategy will be more successful.

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