The Video Marketing Trend

Sep 28, 2016

photo-1459184070881-58235578f004In a survey conducted by Hubspot, marketing  professionals were asked, “What content distribution channels do you plan to add to your marketing efforts in the next 12 months?” 48% said YouTube, 39% said Facebook video, and the remaining chose a number of other outlets. The survey included small businesses, not just large corporations with nearly unlimited marketing resources. In fact, over half of the respondents were marketing professionals from companies that made less than $1 million yearly income. It is not just large corporations jumping on the video trend. Your small business has the resources to create video content too, whether you realize it or not. Video marketing can take your inbound marketing strategy to the next level. 

The Video Marketing Trend

Getting video marketing right is a challenge. Watching a video is often less convenient for people, as opposed to reading text. They may be in a public place where they cannot have their volume on. So how do you create content that makes your followers want to take the time to watch your video? Let’s take a look at two individuals who have been incredibly successful in video marketing. Thinkmodo was founded by James Percelay and Michael Krivicka, who had previously worked in television production and video editing. Thinkmodo is a viral video marketing boutique that promotes brands online, creating videos that have been wildly successful. Percelay and Krivicka give marketers that are interested in dipping their toe in video marketing a few pieces of advice. 

Be Original

“Many of our ideas are 100 percent original and break the rules. Clients value that because they like to stand out. Our videos also don’t look and sound like ads,” Krivicka states. He makes a valid point. Your video will not receive the same amount of attention if it appears to be an advertisement. When creating video for inbound marketing purposes, it should either be entertaining or informative. Preferably both, but choose a very distinct theme that your viewers will find creative and unexpected. 

Keep it Short and Sweet 

After approximately minute and thirty seconds, you will have lost most of your audience. Krivita advises keeping your video under a minute. Include your “hook” in the first few seconds of the video. This is your best chance at capturing and retaining the attention of your viewers.

Make a Visual Statement

80 percent of videos on Facebook are viewed on mute. This takes away one of the senses that a video is meant to engage, meaning that the visual impact needs to be that much greater. If you do succeed in making a strong, engaging visual statement, your viewer may even turn up their volume. Even so, the basic story line of your video must be easily understood with the sound off so that you do not lose those viewers. Keep this in mind as you create your story line, write your script, and film your video. 

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