Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Organization’s LinkedIn Presence

Jul 7, 2022

LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms that caters specifically to organizations. Whether you are a B2B company, are looking for candidates to hire or just want to grow your company’s connections, LinkedIn is the social platform for you. How, though, can you make your company stand out from the rest? Below are five tips and tricks you can use to boost your organization’s LinkedIn presence.

1. Have a Complete Profile

While making sure your profile is complete may seem too obvious to have to mention, you would be surprised how often companies and individuals leave their profiles incomplete. Having a complete profile not only will make sure you are providing the right kind of information, but it will also increase your company’s credibility as those who come to your site will have the most accurate depiction of your company and its values.

Depending on your company’s goals for its LinkedIn account will determine the type of content you emphasize in your about information and content overall. If you are hiring, make sure to mention that! It is also best practice to include your company’s mission so your connections have a better understanding of your business’ values and goals.

2. Use Vivid Visuals

Every social media platform is emphasizing visual communication, and LinkedIn is no exception. Using vivid visuals is an effective way to boost your organization’s LinkedIn presence. In doing so, you will catch users’ attention with your images and then grow their interest further with your content.

There are a number of visuals you can use on LinkedIn. Try taking your own pictures or creating original graphics. Make sure that your visuals and content complement each other in order to maintain consistency within your content. Also, make sure all your written and visual content align with your brand and mission.

3. Post Regularly

Posting content regularly is an effective way to boost your company’s LinkedIn presence. There is a variety of content types to use from updates and videos to re-sharing posts and LinkedIn’s Kudos feature.

In Stacey McLachlan’s article, “8 Easy Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page,” at Hootsuite she discusses how best to use the different types of content on LinkedIn. McLachlan recommends using videos and live videos to boost engagement with your connections. She also suggests using the Kudos feature to highlight your employees’ success. This helps humanize your brand and provide insight on your company’s culture, says McLachlan.

Sharing existing content is another way you can boost your company’s LinkedIn presence. McLachlan suggests tracking trending topics by selecting a target audience that matches your own. Now, you can make sure that your content will speak to your audience.

For updates, Alexandra Rynne recommends making your updates short, sweet and spicy in her article, “10 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Page in 2022,” on LinkedIn’s blog. To do so, ask enticing questions, talk directly to your connections and include a riveting fact about an article you’re linking to, says Rynne. This way, you can draw readers in to learn more about your company.

4. Engage with Connections

Engaging with your connections is critical for maintaining a good relationship and further growing that relationship. How can you do this? Interacting with your connections’ posts and comments is one of the best ways to do so.

By reacting, commenting and liking posts and updates from your connections you will create a positive relationship with them. They will likely follow suit and interact with your content in a similar way.

You should also respond to comments on your content. Encourage the conversation to continue by responding and asking further questions. Being present and willing to discuss will further humanize your brand and increase your credibility.

5. Utilize LinkedIn’s Tools and Updates

LinkedIn is always trying something new in the services it offers or general algorithm updates.

McLachlan at Hootsuite recommends creating a Career page and a Product page to provide further information about your company. If you are hiring, it can be beneficial to highlight your workplace culture, says McLachlan. She also suggests highlighting the benefits of your products on your Product page through videos, images and even reviews.

A more basic tool on LinkedIn is using hashtags. In doing so, your content will be easily seen when those hashtags are searched.

All in all, having a complete profile, using vivid visuals, posting regularly, engaging with connections and utilizing LinkedIn’s tools and updates will set up your LinkedIn account for success.

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