Top 5 Marketing Strategies for B2B Instagram Accounts

Oct 20, 2022

While Instagram may not seem like the place for B2B marketing, it can be an effective way to communicate with your target publics. Instagram has the perfect mix of visual and written content that makes it a great platform for B2B. While the methods may vary from B2C companies, B2B companies effectively use Instagram in a number of ways. Below are the top five marketing strategies for successful B2B Instagram accounts.

Create Informative Content

Why is informative content integral to B2B Instagram accounts?

Informative content is the bread and butter of B2B content. Explaining technical concepts or creating a tutorial are ways to effectively reach your target audience. Think about what information your audience needs and what they want. Sometimes those will align and other times they may not. However, you should prioritize the most relevant and necessary information. Then, you can tackle the more niche areas that your audience may also be interested in.

Follow Trends

What kinds of trends should B2B Instagram accounts follow?

Trends can also be a beneficial tactic to use for B2B Instagram accounts. In Martina Bretous’ article, “B2B & B2C Instagram Marketing Trends of 2022 [Data from 500 Marketers],” at HubSpot she discusses three trends that B2B companies should implement on Instagram: utilizing influencers, using branded hashtag trends and challenges and implementing educational and authentic content. According to Bretous, B2B marketers receive a high ROI when utilizing influencer marketing and taking part in branded hashtags and challenges. While creating educational and authentic content does not have the highest ROI, B2B marketers are still using it to create and maintain quality connections with their publics, says Bretous.

When deciding which types of trends to implement in your Instagram marketing strategy, consider what trends best align with your company and its mission. Maybe you will work with an influencer whose followers fall into your target public, or maybe you will use a hashtag that fits well with one of your services. When deciding which trends to use, make sure that they align with your brand and the goals of your marketing strategy overall.

Highlight Public Relations Stories

Why should B2B Instagram accounts utilize public relations?

Creating quality connections with your target audience is critical in B2B marketing. In the Forbes Agency Council’s article, “How B2B Companies Can Leverage Instagram For Marketing,” member Adrian Falk recommends promoting public relations stories on Instagram. Not only will this make your content types more diverse, but it will also help nurture your relationships with your target publics, according to Falk. Consider highlighting your work with a nonprofit organization or showcasing the volunteer work of your employees to build goodwill with your target publics.

Emphasize Calls to Action

How can I effectively call my target publics to action?

Instagram ads are perfect for getting your customers to your website, according to Donna Robinson in the Forbes Agency Council article. While other companies can effectively use Instagram ads to link products, for B2B companies, it is more effective to link your content to your website, says Robinson. Try using links that say “learn more” or “contact us” to promote engagement with your content and business overall.

Personalize Your Content

What are the benefits of personalized content for B2B Instagram accounts?

With all of these tips, it is best practice to make each post or ad personalized for your target audience. Generic posts will only alienate your customers as they will be unable to connect with your content. Focus your content on your consumers’ needs. You should also utilize your brand personality and voice to create a cohesive and engaging tone throughout your content. Have fun with your posts and be creative. You can still be professional even with a more casual tone, just make sure to balance these to maintain your credibility.

All in all, Instagram is the hub of B2B marketing. By following these top five marketing strategies for B2B Instagram accounts, you will be able to take your business’ marketing strategy to the next level.

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