Top SEO Updates for 2019 You Need to Know

Mar 29, 2019

Google and other search engines are constantly coming up with new ways to filter content and maximize Internet user experience. This has certainly not changed in 2019. Organizations with the best SEO rankings are going to be on top of this, though, and that’s just why you’re here. Let’s discuss the most critical updates and trends you need to be aware of to make sure your online content remains top-notch. Here’s the top SEO updates for 2019 that you need to know. 


According to Search Engine Journal, pay especially close attention to your audience in 2019. Of course, you already do this because audience is crucial to success. In 2019, however, Google will be paying more attention to whether your audience is connecting to your content to improve relevance to users. So, what can you do? Make sure your keywords are accurate and appropriate, especially those in meta descriptions. You’ll be much more likely to maintain a good ranking when your audience is clicking these descriptions and spending quality time on your page.

Have Strong Variety

It isn’t just about your website anymore. Google and other search engines are using many other methods to determine your SEO ranking. We’d be preaching to the choir if we said it’s important to have a social media presence. Successful organizations already know this. What Google is looking more for, though, is your engagement rates with audiences in non-website platforms. Perhaps a few years ago, you could achieve a better ranking through making sure you have Facebook pages or other advertising set up. Google is not taking a closer look at how engaging this content is and putting a greater emphasis on it in its SEO algorithm.

Check Page Speed

Time is money. Especially when we’re living in a digitalized 2019, it’s critical that Internet users are getting the immediate access to information they’re looking for. Pages that are loading more slowly than competitors’ will be heavily impacted in SEO rankings. It’s a good idea to locate your organization’s various pages, especially the ones which are clicked on most frequently. Scan your feedback to make sure users are pleased with your pages’ performance (if you’re not receiving negative feedback, then you’re probably in good shape). It’s always been a good idea to stay current with this, but in 2019, Google is especially marking down pages with poor load speed.


Of course! Gone are the days of booting up the desktop computers and opening up the Internet Explorer browser. Now more than ever, be sure your pages are mobile friendly. You may have the most spectacular website pages, but without the possibility for the page to translate into a mobile-friendly experience, SEO rankings will suffer accordingly. This makes sense, as so much more information-gathering is done on mobile devices than on laptops or desktops. If nothing else, have a banner at the top of a mobile device pop up that redirects the site to a mobile one, as this is better than having users frustratingly scan the page.


Don’t overdo it but be sure to include plenty of visuals in 2019 for solid SEO improvement. Organizations whose online content has high quality images and videos will be primed for SEO success. Internet users engage with visuals, and they make your organization look all the more credible when it includes top-notch content that is paired with encapsulating visual graphics.

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